Get the pleasure of the natural world with ‘Soundy’ in your iOS

Soundy By Nikita VishnevskyHave you ever got tired of the so much artificial and materialistic world? If you live in the city areas of the Globe, of course you may have been, at least at some points. Everything around us is constructed, and in the big cities, all the nature is almost virtual. In this situation, at times you might have the thought of at least some pleasant sounds of anything natural, may it be a fish running inside a water, monkey climbing around a tree, or even a cuck-o-doodle-doo can help you feel relaxed to some extent. There are apparently no-one in this world who doesn’t love nature, and that’s why we go far away just to get a small glimpse or hear something. We nowadays have a lot of man-made sounds or noises in our gadgets, but the natural pleasant sounds are rare.

Let’s come to the point here now, if you are one of those who need something natural (just to boost up your energy, or to help you concentrate) while working/ studying/ eating or anything, there is a solution for you. If you use iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) of version 7.1 or higher, there is an app for you which will play the varieties of natural sounds according to your need- which is Soundy, developed by Nikita Vishnevsky. In this app, there are a lot of sounds which you can choose from. Other than those mentioned above, you can hear raining, quaking, and the sound of dolphin, whale and eagle too. Tagged as ‘the best way to relax’ the app actually what it says.


Moreover, there is a stop button, in case you get irritated by any sound and you don’t to listen it anymore. Just a touch in the option, and the sound stops instantly. Another benefit of this app is all the sounds are available offline (we can say they are saved inside the app in your phone’s storage), which will not need the internet connection to play them. To be precise, you do not need any network to play the sounds, you can listen whenever you want to, wherever in the earth you might be. There is also an option to mix up the multiple sounds, such as you can play cuck-a-doodle-doo and raining at once (or add any other, similar to these), depending on your mood. To be able to play it in background by minimizing the app, so that you can use any other apps of your need or just turn off the display (which makes it work like a music player of your iPhone) is another plus point of this app. All this comes in a smooth, simple to use interface.

Overall, Soundy is quite a nice app to have in your iOS device. Though you may find its graphics not so attractive to have, the sounds are which really matter, and they are good. Try it once and you will love it.

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App name: Soundy

Price: $0.99

Developer: Nikita Vishnevsky

Download: iOS

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