Mount Everest 3D app for world’s highest mountain

20130603-102912.jpgIt is a dream of many to climb up to Mount Everest yet for most watching Everest documentaries is as close as they can get. Documentaries are fun to watch but wouldn’t it be awesome if you could actually navigate through the mountains instead of just watching someone else climb it on the TV screen? Well, now you can do just that with the ios app, Mount Everest 3D which allows 3D navigation at the roof of the world. From the app, you can select the most popular routes to Mount Everest and then explore the surrounding using a simple touch interface to rotate and zoom.
The 3D maps use high resolution images of the WorldView satellites so you can expect absolute clarity of the places you navigate. Also, along the way you can read detailed day to day information and view pictures of trek routes such as Lukla to Mt. Everest Base camp, Khumbu icefall, Lhotse flank and Mount Everest Peak

One of the popular telecom service providers in Nepal, Ncell, already provides 3G service in the Mount Everest, so you can expect to stay connected with your iPhone.
For those people who want to save some data charges Mount Everest 3D pro can be downloaded for $5.99 which will have offline maps and information on Everest trek routes.

Here is direct link to download Mount Everest 3D


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