iPhone 6: a subject to gossip before its release

iPhone 6Before the American tech Giant Apple launches its next big smartphone- the iPhone 6, it has become one of the main topics of gossips in the social media and all over internet- especially about its specifications and features.

Though there is a lot more time to wait for the release of iPhone 6 (it is said to be launched in September 19, as the official sources claim), there have been several leaks of the smartphone already. It is almost fixed that the upcoming iPhone will have a 4.7 inches display, and there are also rumours that is will also have the larger variant, having a display size of 5.5 inches (which will most probably release a month later). Apple released two versions of the iPhone last year too- the iPhone 5C and 5S, but they had the same size display. It was a record break though; Apple had been releasing only one variant of iPhone upto iPhone 5. It is expected to escalate further, since this time the sizes will also be different along with some minor specifications.

The iPhone 6 5.5 inch model was actually leaked in early 2014, which happens to be the largest iPhone 6 till date, and will be a phablet. And as of now, even if the 5.5 inch variant does not release, iPhone 6 is going to be the largest iPhone anyway. Apple is most probably making larger phones to have a stronger competition with the rival android phablets of Samsung, Sony, HTC and many others, which earned popularity releasing big sized smartphones.

While discussing about the features, the iPhone 6 will have improved map, and other several health and fitness features will be included too. The Apple map which was included in the previous iPhones and iPads was claimed to be less effective compared to that of Google maps. The iPhone 6 will however, have a heart rate sensor in its earpod, unlike that of the Samsung Galaxy S5 which has it in its back portion. This will probably measure the blood pressure too, if rumours come to be true. The earphone port will be shifted to bottom, and the iPhone 6 will also have a 128 GB variant, unlike the previous iPhones which only had internal memory upto 64 GB. The iPhone 6 will run on iOS 8 OS, and will have wireless charging facility too, which is not so new for the Android or WP users. The iPhone 6 will be most probably processed by an Apple A8 chipset, and will have an upgraded camera too.

According to the experts, the designs of the iPhone 6 will be somewhat similar to that of the HTC One M8. And in case it happens to be true, Apple is likely to be sued by HTC (there has been a long time patent clash between Samsung and Apple).

Price of iPhone 6 in Nepal

Price of iPhone 6 regular could be as follows in Nepal:

Model Storage Price
iPhone 6 16 GB NRs 90k-95k
iPhone 6 32 GB NRs 105k-110k
iPhone 6 64 GB NRs 120k-125k
iPhone 6 128 GB NRs 135k-140k


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