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asheshHello I’m Ashesh From NepalThis site is all about Nepal, Nepali Calendar, Nepali Unicode, Nepali Panchang, Nepali Date Converter and many more. Welcome to my webpage. I am from the Himalayan Country of Nepal (Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal).

Well talking about me, I like mostly Programming, Blogging and Designing and furthermore I like Philosophical literature, Photography, Social networking. And I am Romantic and Sentimental person to some extent.

My first contact with programming was in almost 8 years ago, back in school, I remember how it didn’t made any sense to me i=i+1. For two years i dabbled with just to finish class. In final year I have to do project myself. Programming most confusing I thought,  Huffff I think I’m going to hang myself. However  first time I started to go library just for this book. There is no way i am going to do it and more over i do not knowe where to start. I spent on it lot almost run out of time, but i did it. As i think of it now, it was one of the most important moments in my life, since then i never asked my self: ‘Is it possible?’, ‘Can i do it?’. but rather ‘How can i do it?’, now i am confident that if i put in the work the results will come.

Web development has always been interest of mine. I used to spend hours on the Internet especially in the web designing, web programming, web & tech widgets and web development sites. I was really interested in the world of web and started dreaming about being a web developer.

Currently I am the registered member of IMIS(Institute for the Management of Information System) and BCS (British Computer Society)

For me I think Nothing is impossible in life to achieve,  if I have strong determination to achieve what I want (THE STRONG FOCUS ON WHAT I WANT)……

I hope I’m able to share my interest & knowledge with you through this little Ashesh’s Blog.

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You won’t find happiness unless you yourself create it……

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