How to redeem app promo codes in Apple iTunes Appstore

If you have promo code for apple iTunes Appstore specific for any paid app, here is how you can redeem that apps with promocode with the help of iOS App Store as given 5 steps.

1) Open App Store app

promo codes redemption

2)Click on featured and redeem code.

apple promo codes redemption

3)Now it will prompt to enter your apple iTune account password. Enter your password and click ok.

promo codes redemption steps

4)If you just got a promo code only, click on “You can also enter your code manually”. 

promocodes redemption

5)Now enter you promocode and press return or ok. After that it will auto start to download the app

promo codes redemption

Hope this quick How to redeem app promo codes in Apple iTunes Appstore helps you. If you got any query or suggestion please drop a comment.


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