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Smart PatroCalendar is one of the most have application in the smartphones (we’re specifically talking about iPhones here). iPhones, from the very beginning of their launch, have been featuring a calendar as a built-in app. For us Nepalese, even though the in built calendar app in iPhones help organize stuffs and track dates, that is simply not enough, because we have a whole different calendar as official in our country. As we all know, we follow the Bikram Sambat calendar (aka Nepali calendar, since it is the only official calendar in Nepal, and almost all of the citizens follow it), and the in built calendar in iPhones do not have that feature. Lot of developers in the past have created a lot of different calendar apps. Many of such apps were not able to match users expectations but some of them did a great job. Keeping this fact in mind we have created a brand new calendar for iPhone called Smart Patro with much simplicity using latest development technology to make it much faster and user friendly.

Smart Patro - Nepali Calendar iOS iPhone App by Ashesh Shrestha


Smart Patro

Smart Patro is a Multicultural Nepali Calendar with Events and Festivals of all the cultural ethnic groups of Nepal. It includes public holidays, festivals, and other important events. Smart Patro is developed with latest development technology to make it fast and has quick and clean interface which includes the following basic features useful for the Nepalese community in Nepal and Abroad.

Key Features of Smart Patro:

  • Nepali Calendar
  • Date Converter
  • Nepali Panchang
  • Rasifal
  • Nepali News
  • Nepali FM Radio
  • Exchange Rate
  • Gold & Silver
  • Subha Sait
  • Tithi
  • Video

Smart Patro always shows current Nepali Date and Time from anywhere in the world.

Download Smart Patro on App Store:

Nepali Calendar

Smart Patro Nepali Calendar Video

Smart Patro literally has all the features that a standard Nepali smartphone user want to be in a calendar app. It has date converter where you can convert the English date to Nepali, or Nepali dates to English any time you want. It has Horoscope (mentioned as Rasifal inside the app) feature which updates daily, and is from Nepal’s top astrologist. Here, you can check your horoscope of your current day, as well as of the whole year that is running.

The News section in the app features the trending news from top Nepali news sites. You will no longer have to search the news articles on a lot of different sites just to get a single good news for the time being. Exchange Rate tab, where you can see the current or past exchange rate of almost all the top currencies across the world with the Nepalese currency (NPR). When you click on the currency you want to check, inside comes the extra cool feature, which is the graph that you can see of last 30 days.

Beneath the Exchange rate, there are ‘Suva Sait’ which is the list of the days in the running year, which are allegedly good to run your awaited ceremonies or rituals, as claimed by astrologists. Below that is the ‘Tithi’ tab, which tells you the different dates of solar and lunar calendar, followed by the festivals in the day. After ‘tithi’, you can see one of the most important feature of this app, ‘Nepali FM Radio’. If you have always been craving to listen the FM radio in your iPhone and cursed Apple for not featuring the service in its smartphones, then you won’t have to do that anymore. With this feature, you can listen to not only the radios in your local area, but also of the whole country, since it is internet based. The ‘Video’ tab follows the Nepali Radio, where you will see a lot of different playlists of videos like youtube trending video of Nepal, Talk Show (Sajha Sawal, Fireside, Tough Talk), Dashain Tihar songs, Evergreen nepali songs, Hit Nepali songs, that is guaranteed to match your radio.

With all of these different good and most awaited features, we are sure Smart Patro will be your favourite calendar apps that currently have in your iPhone. So, if you are an iPhone user, we highly recommend to install this super cool, packed by awesome features, expert developed, lightning fast, easy to navigate, power developed Smart Patro : Nepali Calendar app right now from the Apple iTune App Store.

Nepali Calendar


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