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Category: Dashain and Tihar

Bhai Tika

Bhai tika is the last, and the most important day of Tihar. In this day, the sisters apply Tika to their brothers’ forehead (and hence, given the name as
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It is the seventh day of Dashain and Navaratri Pooja, which lies in the Saptami tithi, when nine types of Phoolpati (flowers and leaves of sacred plants) are
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Maha Ashtami

The ‘Maha Ashtami’, which is also known as Durgasthami or Veerasthami is the eighth and one of the most important days of the Dashain festival. In this day
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Ghatasthapana is the first day of Dashain. It is the beginning of Dashain Festival in Nepal. To be translated as Ghat=pot, and sthapana=establish in Sanskrit, its actual meaning illustrates
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