Dashain Festivals

DashainDashain is the biggest and longest festival celebrated by Hindu all over the Nepal. It reminds everyone that the truth, justice and virtue can symbolizes the victory of the good over the evil to honor the memory of the victories of God and Goddess over the demon Vijaya Dashami is celebrated. It is 15 days long but the most important and celebrated days are 1st, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th as Nepali calendar. Though all the government and private offices are closed from 7th – 10th of day of festival.  Among the newars in kathmandu valley, the festival is known as Mohani (festive joy) which is vastly different in significance and very rich in rituals and culture.

Day 1 ( Ghatasthapana )

Ghatasthapana is the first day of Bada Dashain 2013.  In this day, a male family member plant the jamara in moist sand using barley seeds especially corn seeds. Traditionally as per the rituals outsiders are not allowed to enter or see the place where it is planted. By the tenth day of the festival, the seed will have grown to yellow grass, which is used with tika to bless people with lots of prosperity and happiness.

Day 7 ( Fulpati )

The special essence of festival gets from this day, which lies, on 11th of October 2013. On this auspicious day, a military parade is organized at Hanuman Dhoka. The Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Civil Service, Band Music and Panchebaja also join the fulpati parade. People clean their houses and decorate their houses with flowers.

Durga Dashain FestivalDay 8 ( Maha Asthami )

The festive will be continued as Maha Asthami on 6th of October 2013. Thousands of goats, sheep, buffaloes, ducks and hens are sacrificed in Goddess Temple almost from every home. In Newar Community, Kuchi Bhoe is prepared in which ritually people should eat two pathi of beaten rice including various types of dishes in a banana leaf.

Day 9 ( Maha Nawami )

The ninth day of the festival is known as Maha Nawami. Once in a year this day, the Taleju Temple gates of basantapur are opened for the general public. Thousands of devotees go and pay respect to the goddess all along the day. This day is also known as Viswakarma day. All the factories, machines including vehicles like motorbikes, cycles, cars and other household things like hammer, books, pens and pencils, etc are worshipped.

Day 10 ( Tika )

The tenth day of festival is known as “Tika” (14th oct 2013). On this auspisous day, tika and jamara (which is sewn in the ghatasthapana) are taken from elders and blessing is received including “Dakshin” (Money). This function continues for four days till the full moon during that period, family and relatives who are apart attend to meet each other and take blessings from the elders. This is the day that helps to keep special bonding between families and relatives so it is celebrated intellectually in the society.

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