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Chaite Dashain

Chaite Dashain is a Hindu festival, celebrated mainly in Nepal especially in the month of Chaitra. Regarded as a younger sibling of the Bada Dashain, this festival is
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It is the seventh day of Dashain and Navaratri Pooja, which lies in the Saptami tithi, when nine types of Phoolpati (flowers and leaves of sacred plants) are
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Maha Ashtami

The ‘Maha Ashtami’, which is also known as Durgasthami or Veerasthami is the eighth and one of the most important days of the Dashain festival. In this day
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Ghatasthapana is the first day of Dashain. It is the beginning of Dashain Festival in Nepal. To be translated as Ghat=pot, and sthapana=establish in Sanskrit, its actual meaning illustrates
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Happy Dashain

  Happy Dashain – दशैँको शुभकामना शरद् ऋतुमा पर्ने दशैँ नेपालीहरुको महान् साँस्कृतिक चाड हो । धार्मिक पर्व हो । मान्यक्रममा ठूलाबाट आशीर्वाद र सानाबाट आदरभाव प्रकट गर्ने सद्भावपूर्ण चाड
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Happy Vijaya Dashami

Ghatasthapana, the first day of the Greatest Festival of Nepal Bada Dashain-Nava Ratra is being observed in Nepal beginning today, September 30, 2008. In Ghatasthapana-literally meaning pot establishing
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