Fulpati: Durga Dashain FestivalIt is the seventh day of Dashain and Navaratri Pooja, which lies in the Saptami tithi when nine types of Phoolpati (flowers and leaves of sacred plants) are brought into the worship room of the house with a celebration. The Navapatrika, which is actually the Phoolpati as mentioned above, (the mixture of banana plant, pomegranate, rice stalk, turmeric, manabriksha, kachuki, belpatra, ashok, and jayanti) is decorated outside the house. These are later brought inside the home, and this is because of the wide belief that bringing these nine ingredients inside the house brings the nine Goddesses associated with the plants inside the house. In this day, the Navapatrika are carried by the helpers from the royal Dashain Ghar of Gorkha through the ancient route of Jeevanpur in Dhading district. A parade is held in Tundikhel of Kathmandu, which is observed by the Prime Minister (by the King in the past, but it was changed when the monarchy was removed). Students and Teachers also do the worship of Saraswati (and their books and study materials too), who is considered to be the Goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Businessmen, Tailors and other professionals also venerate their tools as well. The formal public holiday of Dashain also starts from this very day.

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