Guy Fawkes Night

Guy FawkesGuy Fawkes Night is an annual commemoration, which is held every year in 5th of November, especially in Great Britain. Also known as Bonfire Night, Firework Night or Guy Fawkes Day, this was named after Guy Fawkes (13 April 1570 – 31 January 1606), who had planned the failed Gun Powder Plot of the country. This is one of Great Britain’s most historic traditions, and is celebrated by of the British Colonies overseas, such as the New Foundland in Canada, some areas of New Zealand, and in British Isles.

The Gun Powder Plot happened when Guy Fawkes (original name: Guido Fawkes, and also called as the Guy) was guarding the explosives beneath the House of Lords, and was captured before the event could happen. The plan had actually failed since a mysterious letter was received by Lord Monteagle on October 26th, 10 days prior to the event. King James I of England and VI of Scotland was saved by his capture, and that’s why people celebrated by lighting bonfires in their houses. Some months later, Observation of 5th November Act was introduces, which enforced the very day in which Guy Fawkes was arrested to be taken as thanksgiving every year for the failure of the assassin plan. The Act was in force till 1859. Soon enough, the people in the state started placing effigies in the bonfires, and also started doing fireworks, which led to the modern trend of celebrating Guy Fawkes Night as a tradition. The ritual is becoming more elaborative every year.

In this day there is an old tradition of walking in the streets, carrying “the Guy” they have just made, and beg passers-by for “a penny for the Guy”, and some children still do it in these days. The kids use the collected money to buy fireworks for the evening festivities. In the night, however, the people make a dummy of Guy Fawkes and the Pope who helped him (effigies as mentioned above), place them in the top of bonfire and light it. The firework displays fill the sky, and the victory over the evil is remembered.

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