"The Lost Taddy" story by my little cute sister pristina

Once upon a time Charlie and Lola  Were going at trip at the Zoo it was called Mawell Zoo.  It had a ticket too, but Lola was very sad because she thought that she was gone be lost  like foxy her teddy. Lola said Charlie , you can buy another toy called foxy , can I shouted Lola yes but When and Were Said Lola  at the Zoo shop said Charlie when said Lola on the   afternoon said charlie. It was the afternoon  charlie and Lola were going. It took a long time to get there on a car and even longer walking.  When they got there Lola wanted to go to the Zoo shop so they did and Lola tied to find foxy but first she looked in her bag and there foxy came jumping out but it was too late Charlie bought the other foxy so Lola had 2 foxy but she called the other one pity pesos.


Pristina Adhikari

Class:- 2

Age:- 6

School:- Belle Vue Infant School, Aldershot, England

She published “The Lost Taddy” story herself


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