Convert docx to doc file online and offline-Three best ways

With the launch of Microsoft office 2007, a new Open Xml formats for documents took birth. All the previous office file extensions were added with letter x, such as docx, pptx, xlsx and more. But as many of the company offices and people still uses the old ms office 2000, 2003, xp. So here it started creating problems. People started facing need of a conversion tool for these Open Xml formats (docx, xlsx, pptx) to general and widely used (doc,xls,ppt) formats. Even GoogleDocs also don’t support online manipulation of the docx format. Common situations you might have encounter are: you created a file with MS office 2007 at home, but at work location it could not be opened due to some older ms office version installed there. Another one is that your friend sent you a file with .docx extension, and you are unable to open it. Finally the question which Pop-up in your mind, What is the best way to read/Convert docx file??

There are several possible ways, But telling you only the Safe and reliable one:

Way Out 1 [Temporary Solution just to extract raw content]:

a) Rename the .docx file to .zip, After Renaming you can see it like any other zip-file. (If unable to see extension of file then go to Open my Computer >> Tools >> Folder Option >> Select View Tab >> uncheck “hide extentions of known file types” >> press OK)

b) Extract this Zip file. a number of files and directories will appear. In the root level, we have 3 folders “_rels”, “docProps” and “Word”. In addition with have a file called [Content_Types].xml.

c) Go inside “Word” folder and open “Document.xml” in Internet Explorer. You can see the actual text of docx document, but text might be spread across various xml tags.Way Out 2 (Convert Docx to Doc Online):

Visit to convert the docx into doc, pdf, odt and txt online.

Way out 3 (Permanent Resolution):

Download and Install Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for MS 2007 File Formats (27MB). Then you will be able to Open, edit, and save any docx, pptx, xlsx documents while enjoying MS office 2000,XP, 2003.

To know more about the Open XML formats read this article.


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