Eateries Around Patan Lalitpur

Lalitpur is one of the places of the Kathmandu valley that has a lot of history with it. And its a home to the Newars who have a huge ethnic diversity to themselves, from various instruments and jatras to some of the best cuisine that Nepal provides to its visitors. The few listed below are some of the places that you should consider visiting while around Lalitpur for some lunch or dinner. The places are local as well as very renowned.


Honacha is a place with nearly 2 decades of history with it . Its a small eatery with three branches around the main Patan Durbar area , and these places are mostly known for serving some of the best Newari delicacies in the Patan area. The most renowned dishes in there menu are :

  • Choila ( Meat cooked over charcoal and then mixed with various spices that make it spicy as well satisfying to have with Aelaa (Local Newari Alcohol)).
  • Egg and Meat mixed Woh ( A Pancake like dish made with lentils that has been processed in the grinder , then cooked on a pan over high heat the topped with minced meat and egg while cooking) this dish is served with meat broth and a few pieces of their meat delicacy.
  • Saphu michaa ( A piece of bone marrow is stuffed inside a small piece of intestine and then fried and then served with some salt and chilli powder) this dish may not sound so appetizing but this is a delicacy with so much flavor packed within itself.

These dishes are some of the must try when visiting Honacha. Honacha has 3 outlets in the Patan Durbar square area itself.

  1. One is the Honacha Bhimsen which is right behind the Bhimsen mandir in Mangal Bazaar.
  2. The other is Honacha Narayan which is behind the Krishna Mandir inside a small building.
  3. The other one is in an alley with leads to The gallii sandwich Hub.

Honacha with its rich history has been around Mangalbazaar for decades serving some of the best Newari delicacies, This place is a great eatery for people who want to try Newari delicacies at an affordable price, the above dishes cost nearly, 100-180 rupees and are really packed with flavor, As an customer of that place, I can say over the years the taste has remained the same till date.


Tasneem is a restaurant that serves some of the best Biryani in the town. The perfect mix of masala makes the biryani they make seem one of the best biryani’s in the town. Though this place is a bit expensive the ambience and the decor inside with the service that is so well timed and the waiters who are very friendly seem like you are indeed in a very fancy restaurant. If he pricing on normal times arenot your thing , then you can try there value time which is during the 1-2:30 pm , which is normally the lunch time for everyone, though do keep this mind that the value time makes the pricing half but the portions that you get also becomes half, nonetheless, you will want to come back for more after you have tried their Biryani. For an authentic taste and a good time try this place out. You will love it. Where you can find this place is near the firefighter place of Lalitpur, which you can to through the road that leads to Sumeru Hospital.

Chicken Station:

chicken station jhamshikhelOver the short span of time which is nearly 1 and a half years, Chicken station has boomed and flourished so much that everyone knows the place. Chicken Station is a very cozy place to visit, And it is mostly known for, you know it , Chicken dishes. Their wide variety of chicken dishes makes the place a heaven for someone who loves to have chicken. This place is inexpensive meaning it is in the budget range and the taste of the chicken dishes rarely varies, and the service is very good as well, the servers are friendly and on weekends the place is packed with college friends, couples and family. Making this place a great place where you can go just to have a good time with your friends as well as have good food and make memories to smile upon. Chicken Station , Jhamsikhel even has collaborated with the Belgian waffle, meaning you can enjoy chicken and waffles as well. Chicken Station has branches all over kathmandu , the main is in Jhamsikhel opposite to Don Bosco College, the other one is in Kumaripati and the other one is in Durbarmarg , though there are other branches as well, Do check them out.


dhokaima cafe patanYala Maya Dhokaima Cafe, has been around for a long time now, not as much as Honacha but it has been around for nearly 15-16 years now and the place is a very beautiful cafe and a restaurant as well. When you first see this place , it doesnt seem as though it is a large place but as you enter , you find this beautiful garden within and a large courtyard where there are seats and tables to rest and enjoy your meals on. Dhokaima offers alot of different entrees, Main dishes and desserts. The dishes are form various cuisine and every dish is meticulously prepared and they are nearly perfect, while you visit this place, you will be in a calm mindset the place plays soothing music and the bakery items that you ma stumble upon of this place will hook you and you will want more. Their cakes, brownies and cookies are some of the best bakery items in kathmandu valley. It is a beautiful place that you can go to with your family and loved ones. Though the price point is a bit high, the dishes are by far really good, so much that paying the amount they have written wont seem way too high. Highly recommend trying this place out. It is located right beside Patan Dhokha, you can see a small door that has the sign saying, Dhokaima Cafe.


Pizzahood is a small restaurant that serves some of the best firewood pizzas in town. Pizzahood is located in Jhamsikhel a few metres from the Birtish school. This place serves freshly made firewood pizza that is made only to order. They have mixed pizzas, purely Non-veg and Veg Pizzas as well. Pizzahood isnt too expensive either. Considering the quality and quantity of the pizza toppings and taste of the pizza itself. The price point doesnt seem too high. This place has come in various food bloggers lists of places to visit and it is indeed as the review says , Avery good place to have the pizzas and also to the people who cant find the place they also have home delivery services. They make the pizzas fresh and deliver it to you around ring road area. Do try this place , its a very good place to try if you are someone who enjoys good , inexpensive food and just hanging out with your family and friends.

NPP Burger House:

NPP Burger House Mangalbazaar patanNPP burger house is in the heart of Mangalbazaar, it has a rooftop view of the entire Mangalbazaar. NPP has multiple branches all around kathmandu and it is one of the most popular stick food place to visit for everyone in the city. The foods they serve are your typical stick foods, but also the NPP Burger House serves burgers at a cheap rate, while you visit this place , you can see college students and friends hanging out there. The pricing of the food items arent hefty either, the range is from 30-200 and thats it. So, It acts out as a place where students who don’t have alot of budget or just want to hang out in a place with a nice view and cost efficient eatery which doesnot hit there pockets too hard when paying the bills. All in all, NPP Burger House is a place where you can visit with friends and family as well , as the food is good as well, compared to the pricing of the menu.

Swadishta Momo and bakery:

Swadishta Momo and bakery is a place that can be missed very easily. As it is a small eatery that sells bakery as well, not many consider it to have some of the most filling Momo’s in Patan dhoka area. The place is exactly opposite to the gate of Patan Secondary school. A very good spot as students can flock into the eatery after there day ends. The pricing of the Momo’s arent expensive either , compared to the other eateries the highest price is of there Chicken Momo , which costs around 150rs, while most eateries nowadays charge the hefty expense of 200-250rs for Chicken Momos. Also don’t be fooled by the price and think that as it is cheap, the Momos must be compromised with as well. On the contrary, the Momos have a good filling and the taste doesnt differ every time you visit the place, the pricing is also very affordable even for college students and other budget eaters. This place serves food bang for bucks. Do try this place (Recommended).

The Galli Sandwich Hub:

The Galli Sandwich HubThe Gallii Sandwich Hub is one of the best sandwich joints around Patan , This place has been featured in various websites, and even in M&S VMAG, this place is also very cost efficient, it is in the heart of MangalBazaar and serves various kinds of sandwich, this place is a bit expensive having the most expensive sandwich of nearly 500 NRS, but that doesnt mean other sandwiches are any less, they are cost effective, and the sandwiches they provide are relatively large and are filling , the place has a outdoor sitting area, and it shares the area with 3G Honacha meaning, you could get Newari Dishes to go with the sandwich , or according to you pallets taste, The Galli Sandwich Hub is definitely a place you should visit your friends and family for a bite of some of there best sandwiches, If you don’t prefer sandwiches , they do have burgers in there menu, and the burgers they serve are also very good, and have very good patties, though the place is well known for mostly there large and filling sandwiches, as they share the area with Honacha, people flock to the place to have both modern and traditional cuisine. So, If you are in the MangalBazaar area, do head in here with your friends , as even food vloggers have visited this place and all the reviews have been very positive.

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