April Fool’s Pranks

Today is April Fool’s Day and everyone is trying to come up with the best April Fool’s Pranks.  April Fool’s Pranks are meant to be funny and light-hearted, so the pranks below are perfect if you’re hoping to dupe someone.

At Home:

Squirt!: An all-time classic prank.  Scotch tape the spray nozzle down so the next person that turns on the sink gets a squirt!  Here’s a tip:  Remember not to be the first person to turn on the sink!

Wake-Up Call: Hide the victim’s alarm clock and set it for 3am (or some other crazy time).  To take this joke a step further you can also unscrew the lightbulb so they have more trouble finding the alarm clock that’s beeping incessantly.

Slippery soap: Rub dish soap on your hands and then on the door knob to their room.  Watch as they attempt to get in!

At Work:

Push/Pull: Put push/pull signs on the doors so that people are pushing when they should be pulling or vice versa.  Warning!  Do not do this prank on fire escape doors.

Yum! Cake: Cover a box with frosting and leaving the kitchen.  Watch as your co-workers attempt to take a slice!

Mouse Trouble: Put a post-it over the ball of a mouse.  This will prevent the mouse from working and the victim will get very frustrated.

Frozen!: Take a screenshot of a co-workers computer and blow it up on their monitor to actual size.  They’ll think their computer is frozen.

What are some of the best pranks you’ve pulled or been on the receiving end of? Hope you have a fun and funny April Fool’s Day!

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