Candy Crush Saga and Games Guru of Tommy Palm at Ncell App Camp Nepal

Tommy Palm, the man behind the popular gaming app Candy Crush Saga and Games Guru of, encouraged the Ncell App Camp participants at Nepal to first find out what they really enjoy doing. “You should be the one you love being and do what you want to do,” Palm suggested.

“We live in a really exciting time with so much potential in start-up businesses. If you have talent in doing something that would have a global impact, now is the right time,” said Palm. He also suggested that reaching the app stores could be of real help in becoming successful in the app industry. “These stores are very democratic, they don’t judge you based on which part of the world you are in. However, reaching to that level requires a lot of work in itself.”Tommy Palm Nepal


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In a special session of a training program organized today by Ncell to help the competing 150 teams of Ncell App Camp 2014 enrich their understanding on theories and principles behind mobile app development, Palm shared his experiences of working in the app industry over the last two decades.

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Palm is popular in the mobile app industry for his popular candy crush saga which has more than five billion downloads until 2013 with 834 million gameplays a day and 334 million unique monthly users.

“We came across different challenges while working for different screen resolutions, dealing with network traffic and to give player with better experience,” Palm shared how his team struggled to fit in with the fast changing technologies. “However, after its launch on the mobile platform, it improved the network performance and resolved many problems,” said Palm.

Palm claimed that Candy Crush became a global phenomena because of the features like cross platform, free cost and easy to understand, among others. “Game as a service is really important and that is what we did,” said Palm.

During the interactive session, participants asked Tommy Palm the main idea behind candy crush. They also asked what would be the best way to make any non-gaming app viral and keeping users engaged.

Responding to the bunch of questions, Palm answered that Candy Crush was more about creating cross platform game that was going to work across multiple devices. He suggested the enthusiastic developers to take advantage of social networking sites like Facebook. “One of the great things about such social networks is that they make it easy to connect with friends. I really think that Facebook campaigning can be helpful.”

During the training, professional developers provided the participants with knowledge on user experience and user interface design. Likewise, they also shared their knowledge on scalability, performance and technology of the apps. The training included sessions on understanding app development for different platforms like android, iOS, windows and Web SMS .

The participants will undergo business development training on November 18. The intensive seminar and training sessions of Ncell App Camp will come to an end with a half day long training on idea pitching and presentation skills on November 21.

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