How You Can Earn Money at Home as a Blogger in Nepal

Let me be honest. As you grew up in Nepal, you’re forced to find a “real job”. People think if you don’t get a job, your life is screwed.

I’ve always hated to work under someone else’s command, specially working on things you don’t necessarily like.

But things are different in the internet world. You can do anything you want. Anything like making a living. Yes, you heard that right. You can make a living through blogging.

Earn Money at Home as a Blogger in Nepal

It was 9 years ago back in 2009 when I learned about blogging. I didn’t start blogging because someone forced me too, or because I wanted money. It was because I loved it. Hell, I didn’t even know I could earn money in the internet.

Let me be clear: If you’re thinking of starting a blog for the sole purpose of making money, don’t! You’re going to fail. Mark my words. Here’s why:

Blogging is a long-term thing. You’re not going to make money overnight. It will take months of work before you really start to gain something. People expect to see results within days, which may result to disappointment. This is the reason why the majority of people gives up on blogging. Also, you will need to learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO). There are some company in Nepal that offers SEO services, but I highly recommend to learn SEO yourself. I know it’s time-consuming, but it’s worth your time. In blogging, passion and patient is the key thing.

Now that you have a clear mindset about what it takes to blog, I’m going to show famous four ways to earn money as a blogger. Ready? Let’s start!

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Freelancer Blogger

How You Can Earn Money at Home as a Blogger in Nepal

People have been freelancing for a long time, for example in graphic design or cinematography. The only thing that has changed is the internet brings you many opportunities that simply did not exist before.

So, how do you earn money as a freelancer?

Short answer – You sell your skills as a freelancer blogger.

You might think about what kind of skills may I sell to others to earn money. For this, there are two important factors to consider:

1. Do you have the skill needed? If not, how long does it take to learn that?

2. Is that skill in demand?

If your answers to these two questions are “Yes”, you should start freelancing right away. The world needs you.

There are many sites that pay you to share your experience. For example, if you’re really good in a specific field, you can share your ‘expert knowledge’. You will get paid for the articles you write.


buy sell ads nepal

BuySellAds is an online advertising platform where advertiser can browser through the blog category and choose to place ads on your blog.

The best thing about BuySellAds (BSA) is that advertisers will pay you on monthly basis. If you have average page views of around 500K a month, then you can expect earnings of at least $400 a month.

Before applying on BSA, make sure you get at least 10K views per month in your blog. They manually check your stats and content.

Google Adsense

Google adsense

Google Adsense, the most popular advertising program from Google which helps publishers (i.e your website or blog) serve automatic text, video or interactive Ads targeted to the audience of your website.

Even though money from the Adsense is passive income, it takes a lot of time. And, Google Adsense does not pay you much if you’re targeting audience from countries like Nepal.

In case you happen to be in the most profitable niches, then google Adsense can be a lucrative source of income.

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Nowadays, in order to be accepted for the Adsense program, you need to produce quality content that serves your audience and also drive a lot of traffic to your website. Or else, Adsense simply does not approve your application.

The best part about Adsense and another kind of online advertising is that they are highly targeted. Ads that Adsense shows on your website are not going to be the generic ads.

Google has tracked your audience through numerous sources and then has placed the audience they think are relevant to your audience.

These form of online ads are not just for the bloggers. Any kind of websites may use these ads. The only point on the checklist is to make sure you don’t ruin the user experience.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Nepal


I have mentioned affiliate marketing as a potential source of income in other sites as well. How does this work exactly?

If you have developed your own product, then you earn by selling your own products, right?

What if you don’t have any products to sell?

You help other vendors sell their products and earn a few percentages (%) commissions on every sale that you make.

Now, you might think making a sale for online customers is difficult. So, why don’t I settle on Advertisement?

Well, the answer is affiliate marketing seems to be more profitable in the long run than advertisements.

Before you start being an affiliate, you have to do prior research regarding niche selection, the vendor of the product and keyword research for the phrases that you target.

Websites like Clickbank and Amazon Associates have made it an easy task so that you focus more on creating high-quality content.

There are few tips that might help you out that sets you for success in affiliate marketing:

  • Always be an affiliate only for the products that you have used.
  • Be laser-focused on the target audience. It’s all about them because they are the ones who pay you.
  • If there are few dark sides of the product, don’t hesitate to mention those points as well. This builds trust.


Earning money may take time, but it sets you up for massive success. There are many people right here in Nepal who are full-time freelancers or earn money full-time online.

One point never to forget is that people always pay for the value you provide to them.

There are no such thing as money-making websites. What makes money is value. That’s why to start thinking about providing value to your audience and you will be rewarded.

Your turn!

Now it’s your turn to apply these tips in action. Let us know in the comment below if you’re starting a blog!


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