Google adsense metrics for Nepal

mountain nepal buddha airGoogle inside adsense blog last month published the percentage of ads impression metrics for 235 country.These countrys included the island country of Palau – one of the world’s newest sovereign states – and the middle-African nation of Equatorial Guinea, with astounding growth rates of 1106% and 4635% respectively.

Google Adsense NepalUnited states is still the largest in ads impression of 24.7%, where China and Japan are at 11% and 6% respectively. As you can see on image the Nepal in gray color that means including all the country in gray color share the 12.8% of total ads impression. Which clearly shows that the google adsense ads impression in Nepal as individual is much low in percentage. I reckon country in gray color also represent the degree of development and internet communication. Anyway in coming future hope to see Nepal going up in impression and development.

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Google adsense metrics in nepal


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