Useful SEO tips for WordPress Blog

If you really serous in seo for your wordpress blog then you can get some tips here. I am getting quite satisfactory visitor in my wordpress blog in

As you can see the picture below, I’ve got average 1200 daily visits from search engine from oct 17 – oct 31. Which is quite satisfactory for a recently started blog.


1) Content is the king :

This is the bottom line of SEO. I always try to write the articles on those topics of web technology which might be people are looking for.Furthermore, create a timeless content so that people come and read the same post in future as well. Always write for the readers not for the search engines otherwise people may come at your post from search engine but will not read your blog in future.

2) Use ALL in ONE SEO PLugins :

ALL in ONE SEO Plugins is the best plugin to be used in the wordpress if you know something about SEO. It can let you define various attribute related to seo like page title, meta keyword, meta description.

3) Put the Main Keyword in Title and Meta Descritption :

Search engine gives much more priority to the keyword in page title and Meta Description. So always try to put the possible search keywords in title and meta description. Furthermore, never put the name of the blog combined page title of that particular post in the title of the page, it may dilute the strength of the page title .Finally, Search engine gives less priority to Meta keyword but never ignore them.

4) Use noindex or nofollow option for the category or archives:

Some bloggers put more tags to to cut off the post in the middle and some does not. If you don’t cut off the post in the middle then you must do it. Search engine may penalize you if it finds the duplicated content in your site i.e. same content in different places of your website. You can use the options in the All in One SEO Pack for no indexing or you can create the robots.txt file for nofollow. More detail of robots.txt file can be found here. As you can see category and archive page of my website are not indexed in google.

5) Use XML sitemaps pluggings :

XML sitemaps is the plugging which creates the site maps for the various search engine. When you post a new article then it creates the site map for major search engine like google, msn and yahoo.When a search engine spider visits your website they first look for the site map which contains the links to be visited in that website.

6) Put Post title Premalink Structure :

Always use the premalink structure which contains the name of post like not like The Search engine gives more values to that page if the keyword found in the URL.

7) Use Post Slug :

This is what I was missing to do in the older posts. Post slug is the test to be displayes in the URL when permalink structure uses post name. You can find the Post Slug in the right hand side of Wordpreess while writing the post. And always include the keyword in the Post Slug like one I did for this which is “seo-tips-wordpress-blog”.


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