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eSewa logoCarrying money with you whenever and wherever you go may not be possible, let it alone be the fact that it is dangerous too, at least in some situations. In addition, the queue we have to wait for paying or receiving the money is also not less irritating. It consumes a lot of our time, as well as labour. This is what contributed for the development of online banking, which later evolved for mobiles. Soon enough, we saw the mobile apps, which helped us to do all the transactions merely through the app.

In Nepal, the system of payment is still under development, and we cannot use the famous international payment systems, such as Visa or MasterCard. For the Nepalese living inside the country, there are separate online banking or transacting systems, and eSewa is one of them. It has been helping the people a lot for payments and receipts, and lately, it has developed a mobile app for smartphones, mainly for Android and iOS. You can download the eSewa app in your smartphone from your app store, depending on which OS platform you are currently using. Download links given below.

esewa ios appAfter you install the app in your smartphone and launch it for the first time, you will have the options, either to log in (if you have an existing account in Esewa), or to register (if you are a new user). You will have to enter your mobile number to register, and the app will send the message to the E-Sewa service, from where you will get all the account information, including the log-in details. You will only need the log-in details if you try to enter in the website, or install it again, as in the existing app you will be logged in. In the app, all we can see is three categories, namely the ‘Main’, ‘Quick Menu’ and ‘About’.

Well, you can do all the works which can be done with the mobile transaction app, from the ‘Main’ menu. Here, you can find the options to check the details about your account, transfer the funds, Receive or pick up via Western Union, and the pay options using credit card/scan2pay/Fonepay. The quick Menu will let you recharge your mobile or other internet or television bills, transfer the balance or enquire about the balance. And the ‘About’ section is all about the app and details of E-sewa/Fonepay. Here, you will find some tips about the security, and necessary information as well.

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esewaWhenever you try to use a service, you will have to enter your pin, and the app sends a message to the server, using your mobile’s mainstream SMS service. That means, this app is almost completely based on the SMS, and only makes you easy to use it (to send the texts actually). This has a plus point though, this app works offline, and you won’t need any internet access, to use the basic features of E-sewa, such as to recharge your mobile or to pay the utility bills of other services. However, there is no need to worry, as the messages that the app sends through your carrier will of no cost.

In overall, though having some down points, eSewa is an excellent utility app to have in your smartphone, especially if you love to pay the bills from wherever you are. Its offline working feature makes it easier for the users who don’t have internet access, but some may find it boring to have a lot of messages in their inbox.

Download eSewa app for iOS and Android

Developer: F1Soft International Pte Ltd.

Price: Free



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eSewa is an excellent utility app to have in your smartphone, especially if you love to pay the bills from wherever you are.


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