Best and must have Nepali Android apps

Here are some list of the most useful apps for Android owners in Nepal.  These apps will help you find out the load shedding schedules, get the latest news in Nepal, listen to Nepalese Radio Stations, calculate taxi fares, see the full Nepalese calendar, views vacancies and locate and get info of almost all major places in Nepal. Here is the list of the must have Nepali android apps for Nepalese users:

Nepal loadshedding schedule 

Nepal Loadshedding Schedulenepal load schedule logoAt this time of the month, this is probably one of the most used apps in Nepal. With load shedding hours approaching its peak, many people can’t help but look at NEA’s schedule for blackout timings for their area-group. Nepal loadshedding schedule, this is one of the most downloaded apps in Google Play and has a very smooth and easy interface for you to view loadshedding schedules according to your area.  You can use the app’s widget to get daily schedules right on your home screen. The app will even remind you 15 minute earlier to the black out so that you can safely turn off your tv or save your documents/progress on pc, laptops, Xbox and so on.  The app also lets you send the SMS schedules to other phones.

Install Nepal Loadshedding Schedule for Android


Nepali FM-Calendar-Hamro Patro

Nepali FM-Calendar-Hamro Patrohamro patro logoApp which is packed with loads of features. As the name suggests the app lets you hear online Nepali FM stations and also gives you a nice Nepali calendar so that you never have to ask others -“Aaja kati gatay ho?”. Apart from that, the app has features such as date converter, foreign exchange rates, gold silver rates and Horoscope (“Rashifal”).  The latest feature includes a tab to view the recent Nepalese election results. You can view information about the Parties and how much votes they earned as well as information on each candidate and their respective votes in their areas.   The app also supports widgets for calendar and radio on your homescreen.

Install Nepali FM-Calendar-Hamro Patro for android


Nepali Patro

Nepali Patronepali patro logoIf you are looking for a Nepali Calendar only app, then Nepali Patro is the app for you. You can view the calendar in daily format or in a full monthly format and all the special events, holidays etc are listed neatly in the app window. You can also put up a nice widget so that you can instantly view today’s Nepali date on your screen.  This app also has a BS to AD date converter and info on the latest foreign exchange rate.

Install Nepali Patro for Android



Nepal Share market

Nepal Share Marketnepal share market android apps logoIf you want to stay updated on the share prices in Nepal, the Nepal Share Market app gives you the latest market prices for all the companies, businesses listed in Nepal Stock Exchange. The cool thing is this app works offline so that you can view daily closing prices and compared to last day’s prices.  Press on the organisation an you will get more details such as transactions, max price, min price, closing price, total shares and so on. You can also setup a list of “favorite” shares.  However, the app doesn’t support graphical history of share price trends. Adding monthly, weekly graph history would be a very useful feature.

Install Nepal Share Market for Android



nLocatenlocate logoNlocate is based on the concept of Google Maps where you can find directions to almost anywhere. But Nlocate is a Nepal exclusive app and goes a step deeper to give you full detail about the places in Nepal- this includes location details for ATMS, Ambulance, banks, Cinema, Coffee Shop, Embassy, College, hotels, Government offices, Police Stations and many more. You can search for your destination and then find details such as directions and phone numbers. However, the app doesn’t have offline maps and relies on GPS to trace directions. In a place like Nepal, where most users do not have data connections for mobile internet, an offline map feature could make a lot of difference.

Install Nlocate for Android


Merojob app

nLocatemerojob logoWith Mero Job app for android, job searching is now at the palm of your hand. This app uses the database of the popular online job hunting site to give you a full list of vacancies which can be filtered according to job category or organization type. The app allow you to search in two modes- the Newspaper search and Advanced Search.  In the newspaper search mode, you can search for vacancies posted on specific dates on the newspapers (it is not specified which newspapers). In the advanced search, you can filter your search by preferred location, expected salary and job type (full time, part time , contract) . However, it seems the advanced search feature is not working and right now all the searches returns a “no job found” alert. I am hoping the developers will resolve this issue in the upcoming update. For now, this is probably the best job search android app in Nepal.

Install Merojob for Android


News of Nepal

nepali news android appnepali news android app logoInterface wise I wouldn’t rate News of Nepal app doesn’t get much ratings but information wise it is currently one of the few android apps that gives updated news from multiple Nepali news sources such as Ekantipur, The Himalayan Times and Nepalnews.  Addition of other popular online Nepali news sites like Setopati, Myrepublica and Telegraphnepal could really make this app even more useful. For now, I would suggest the developers to increase their update speed and also work on a better, simpler and smoother interface that comes in par with one of the best international news app such as BBC News for Android.

Install News of Nepal for Android


Nepali  dictionary

Nepali Dictionary OfflineNepali Dictionery offline apps logoThis is a simple “English to Nepali to English” dictionary app useful for people who are into translations or for people who want to find the right Nepali word for a English word or vice versa. However, despite 18,000 words, this app still lacks a lot of complex or not widely used an English word which is not good news for people working in literature business. Still, for simple words this dictionary is more than enough and it is a good thing that the app works offline as it should.

Install Nepali dictionary for Android


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