Top 10 Best Android Nepali Games app for Smartphone

Top 10 Best Android Nepali GamesTop 10 Best Android Nepali Games. Due to its easy availability and cheap pricing, Android has become the go-to smartphone in Nepalese market. Local developers have seen the potential and are now developing apps and games hoping to earn a lot. Unfortunately, there is still a lot to be done and lots of apps to be developed, but the ones that are currently available are pretty good. Utility and other apps aside, we’ll be talking about some of the games that are developed by Nepali game developers. Here are the Top 10 Best Android Nepali Games (in no particular order).

Best Top 10 Android Nepali Games

KTM Racer VR
Android Nepali Games - KTM Racer VRAny racing game is addictive, and if the environment is set on Nepal, nothing can stop you from spending hours playing it. KTM Racer is a classic racing game set in an endless world, where you dodge traffic, collect coins and get better rides. The game is scored based on how long you can keep going while dodging obstacles. The controls are simple too. All you have to do is tilt your device to control the ride. You can drive close to computer controlled vehicles to fill the nitro and earn coins. You get to choose from 5 different rides and bikers. And the best part is, this game can be played on VR. Although some have criticised the game for being buggy, the developers are working to bring to the best experience possible. However this my best android Nepali games.

Download from play store here.

KTM-Racer VR - Android Nepali Games

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Ludo Neo-Classic
LudoNeo Classic - Nepali GameAny Nepali born in the 90s grew up playing Ludo – an immensely addicting and fun board game. For those who are born after can now experience the same level of fun on their mobile devices. Ludo is now gone digital and is available on Android for free. Ludo Neo-Classic can be played with other players or with AI. The maximum number of players cannot exceed 4 and the minimum should be at least two. The UI can be interchanged from a classic to a modern look. This game is highly entertaining to play with friends and family and is an excellent time killer. Definitely another best android Nepali games for the smartphone.

Download from play store here.

Ludo Neo-Classic - Android Nepali Game

Bagh Chal
BaghChal - Android Nepali GameThis is another classic board game that has been brought to Android. Bagh Chal is a strategic game played by two players. The idea is to either trap 4 tigers or eat 20 goats depending on which side you’re on. If you’ve picked the hunter, you’ll be able to control 4 tigers that have been placed in each corner. If you’ve picked the prey, you’ll be able to place and control each of the 20 goats strategically one at a time. You can either play vs another player or with the AI.

Download from play store here.

BaghChal - Android Nepali Game

Marriage Card Game
Marriage Card Game - Android Npeali GameMarriage is a card game popular on some of the Asian countries including Nepal. You can play single player or with other players via Bluetooth or internet. You can play the game for free and compete with other players to get to the top of the leaderboard. However, the developer states that the online mode is still under development and should only be played out of curiosity for time being. The UI is plain and simple but looks elegant. This is also being one of the best android Nepali games app on my smartphone.

Download from play store here.

Marriage Card Game - Android Nepali Game

Aayo Gorkhali
Aayo Gorkhali - Android Nepali GameAayo Gorkhali is a side-scrolling arcade game where you control a man wearing a hat and wielding a Khukuri – a Ghorkhali. The objective is to reach the end of a level while hopping over numerous obstacles. The levels are beautifully designed to keep you entertained and has music with Nepali taste. This game can be quite addicting with it easy gameplay and simple yet beautiful 2D graphics.

Download from play store here.

Aayo Gorkhali - Android Nepali Game


Nepali Babu Adventure
Nepali Babu AdventureThis is another side-scrolling 2D game which will give you the feel of Mario. Here, you control a character and jump around collecting coins while passing through obstacles. The graphics feel warm and happy. You can play across multiple levels which gets challenging while you progress.

Download from play store here.

Nepali Babu Adventure - Android Game

Haku Run
Haku Run - Android Nepali GameAdapted from a successful Nepali movie – Loot, Haku Run is a side-scrolling adventure game where you get to explore parts of Nepal while dodging obstacles and gaining powers. You get to control two characters – Haku and Gofle while saving them from each other. The concept is fun and so is the gameplay.

Download from play store here.

HakuRun - Android Nepali Game

Nepali Ninja: The Begining
Nepali Ninja - The Beginning - Android GameNepali Ninja is a side-scrolling platformer where the objective is to go through the level while avoiding traps and boars. You get to shoot to kill the enemies. This game may not be what a traditional “ninja” game should be, but nevertheless, it is a fun time killer.

Download from play store here.

Nepali Ninja - The-Beginning - Android Game

Callbreak Multiplayer
Callbreak Multiplayer - Nepali Android GameThis is easily the most downloaded game in Nepal. Based on a card game, Callbreak is played with a standard 52 cards deck and is played between 4 players. You can either play with the AI or take your game to the next level by competing with real players. The UI is beautifully designed with intuitive drag interface. This game is definitely worth checking out.

Download from play store here.

Callbreak Multiplayer - Android Nepali Game

Here makes only nine instead of top 10 Android Nepali Games apps. So please suggest one more Best Android Nepali Game for you to include in this list on comment below.


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