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Ncell Android AppAre you a Ncell user? If you live in Nepal, you probably are, or you may own a Ncell sim-card even if you don’t use it in a regular basis. Most of us, who own a Ncell sim-card, whether we may use it normally or occasionally, are sometimes motivated to use the offers given by Ncell. We certainly would be, since being a major telecommunication provider of Nepal, it provides a lot of jaw-dropping offers to its customers. And if you love to use Ncell and want it to be easier for you, your wish has gone a step ahead. Ncell has developed its own Android and iOS app- the Ncell app which is available to download from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store for free.

ncell-app2All you have to do it to download and install it for free in your device. After you have it installed, you’ll have to login to use the features (at any case, don’t forget that it is a complete web-based app and does not work at all without internet). For this, you’ll be required to set up your ncell phone number, and enter the confirmation code that Ncell sends you to your device. When you get yourself logged in to the app, in the homepage, you’ll see a large banner in the upper part, followed by your data packs usage information, special offers, current balance, balance transfer, and my services respectively. The banner will have its image changed constantly, with each showing different offers for you. When you click on each link, you’ll be redirected to a new phase, where you can confirm to buy, or cancel it.


In the top left, you will see a menu icon, and when you click on it, it will open a side bar, where you can see various information about the Ncell (like about, centres, centres and tariff info), options of setting, notifications, along with the Help menu, were you can take a help if you don’t know what to do with the app. In the settings option, you can see nothing other than choose the language option (which you can see when you have this app installed for the first time), and to clear the data. You will also have a follow us option in the menu, which will have several social network links, which will redirect you to each of their Ncell’s page. When you click on ‘my profile’, you can see your Name (if you don’t have the sim registered in your own name, the name of real owner appears), your phone number, Sim card number and your Tariff pan. You can change your profile picture and the tariff plan here, if you like to do so.


In overview, though this app has made using Ncell easier for smartphone users, it is still lacking a lot. Not even being able to open without internet is the main which becomes quite annoying as we would not have internet at all times and even the internet provided by Ncell itself is too expensive. Though the app is light and doesn’t use much data, it’s somewhat like Ncell saying ‘buy internet packs from us and spend it using our own app’. Also, while using the app, you’ll have to be quite alert, since clicking somewhere, such as in the ‘activate service’, or ‘buy data’ may cost you money (if you’re not in the mood to use them, though). If the Ncell app has its flaws removed and comes up with some additional features, it will be a great app to use.

Download Ncell official Apps for Android devices

Download Ncell official Apps for iOS devices

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Download Ncell official Apps from Opera Mobile Store for getJar and others.



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