Tihar Festivals: Happy Tihar

Tihar is the biggest and important festival for the Hindus of Nepal and Nepali origin after Dashain, which lasts for five days (Kartik Krishna Trayodashi to Kartik Shukla Dwitiya) and hence called as ‘Yama Panchak’. This is the festival of lights, and is called as ‘Diwali’ in the Terai region. The Newars call it ‘Swanti’, and it is celebrated by various ethnical groups of Hindu religion in different ways. This is the festival of delicious meals, and is special for the brothers and sisters as well. In this festival, the animals or birds such as Crow, Dog, Cow and Oxen are also worshiped; in favour of the faith and usage they have provided to humans.

Among the five days of the Tihar, the first day is the Kaag Puja (or Kaag Tihar). In this day, the crow is worshipped by giving it food. People leave different types of food in their yards or roof for the crow (especially rice and grains) in the early morning. Crow is considered as the messenger of Death, and since it is believed to bring message in the early morning, people worship it to bring the good news for them.

The second day is the Kukur Puja (or Kukur Tihar), and people worship dogs in this day. People feed the dog with some delicious items, and apply the garland of marigold flowers to it. A big red tika is also put in its forehead before feeding it. The dog is worshiped for the protection it gives to the people’s houses. It is believed that a dog is also guarding the Yamaraj’s gate, and it is also steed of God Bhairav, the God of destruction. The Newars call this day as Khicha Puja.

The days afterwards are:

We can see people playing Deusi and Bhailo songs in this festival all around. The public holiday is given only from the third day of Tihar (Laxmi Puja upto Bhai Tika) for three days.

Tihar classic and popular audio mp3 songs collection. (songs copyright to respected owners)

The samples of a Deusi song can be as:

“Bhailini aain agana gunyo cholo magna, hey ausi ko din gai tiharo bhailo”.
Badali kudali rakheko, laxmi pooja gareko, hey ajako dina gaitiharo bhailo…”
“भैलिनी आइन आगना गुन्यो चोलो मागन, हे औसी को दिन गै-तिहारओ भैलो ।
बडाली कुडाली राखेको, लक्ष्मी पूजा गरेको, हे अजको दिन गैतिहारओ भैलो ।”

Bhana Mera Bhaiho; Deusuray. (Say it my brothers. Deusuray)
भन मेरा भाईहो; देउसुरे ।
Swor milai Kana; Deusuray. (Say it in tune. Deusuray)
स्वोर मिलाई कन;
Rato Bato; Deusuray. (Red mud trail. Deusuray)
रातो बाटो; देउसुरे ।
Chiplo Bato; Desuray. (Slippery trail. Deusuray)
चिप््लो बाटो; देउसुरे ।
Ladhdai Pad dai; Deusuray. (Slipping and Sliding. Deusuray)
लड्दै पड्दै; देउसुरे ।
Aayeu Hami; Deusuray. (Finally we made it to your home! Deusuray)
आयौ हामी; देउसुरे ।

Translated to nepali language with online nepali unicode converter

Happy Tihar !!!


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