Dashain Tihar Festive Offers on Automobiles

Dashain is one of the main festivals of Nepal. It is celebrated for ten whole days, and the people tend to go home to their hometown from Kathamandu or vice versa. During dashain people tend to go out to travel and enjoy the joyous festival in other parts of the beautiful country that we all share called Nepal. During dashain the goddess durga is worshiped and on a day the vehicles are also worshiped with accordance to the vehicles getting blessings from the goddess Durga herself to protect the user of the vehicle. And when Dashain comes to an end the second most awaited festival of the year the festival of lights comes around. The festival is widely known as Tihar in Nepal or called Deepawali and Diwali as well. The festivals are widely celebrated with great joy. Tihar is considered as the festival of lights and most of the time you can see the streets and houses of kathmandu and other cities of Nepal bright with colorful lights and the atmosphere is just filled with joy. 

Targeting these festivals the bike companies have come up with various plans and schemes for the customers. The offers that are offered by the companies are quite attractive and very customer centered. The offers are sure to please the customers who will be visiting the showrooms for the purchase of new bikes this festive season. So, below are some of the festive offers that the companies are providing from Dashain throughout Tihar. 

Bajaj Festive offer: 


This year during the festive time of Dashain and Tihar . Bajaj has come up with the offer called  “Bajaj Vawishwani” , In this offer the customers are given one scratch card before the purchase of any bikes and then one more after the purchase of a bike. The scratch cards have a chance to win the cash prize from Rs.8000 ( this being the minimum amount) to Rs.1,00,00 (this being the maximum amount). Both the scratch cards have the same amount of cash prize winnings. So, saying if a customer wins Rs.10,000 cash prize the cash prize the customer has won will be fully given to them. But if any case the cash prize that they have won is more than that of Rs.10,000. Around 25% of all the cash prize winnings above the Rs.10,000 mark is given to the Government. 

To clarify this ,lets take an example: If a customer were to win around Rs.20,000. The customer is guaranteed to get the Rs.10,000  from the Rs.20,000. So, the amount left comes to be the extra Rs.10,000 from the Rs.20,000. So, from this extra Rs.10,000 the Government gets 25% of it meaning, the Government gets Rs.2500 and then the customer gets a total of Rs.17500

The customers also have a chance to win normal helmets from brands like Safetymate. In the purchase of the bikes there arent any discounts on themselves. The only discounts that you get are through the scratch cards. So, if you were to ask for any discount you should directly consult the manager of the said showroom who might give you a few more bucks as a discount on the bikes that you have purchased. The most famous bike that is usually purchased from any Bajaj showroom is the Pulsar 200NS which has been around of years now. The new ABS version of the NS will also be in the showrooms soon this year with other versions of NS to be unveiled later in 2020. To know more about these other versions of the NS and other bikes that are to be unveiled follow the article of the bikes to come in 2020 in the main page of the blog that will be later added in a few days.

Hero Festive Offer: 

With every purchase of a Hero Bike or a Hero Scooter you are guaranteed to win Rs.5000. You are also given a scratch card that has a chance of you winning the total cash prize of Rs.1,00,000. With Hero bringing the Hero Xpulse that took the market by surprise and this bike has quite a lot of good reviews to it . Hero might just be upping its game for the festive season. 

Honda Festive offer: 

This year Honda has brought another Festive offer for its customers. The offers are very attractive and you can even fill up a form for a lucky draw as well. Honda has brought the offer of winning a cash prize from Rs.1 lakhs to the cash price of whooping Rs. 10 lakhs in the purchase of any of their cars, bikes or scooters. There are other offers such as winning coupons equal to the amount of Rs. 4500 for 10 extra free servicing and discount of 10% for 5 years of spare parts. And the offer of buying bigger CC bikes has a scratch card that gives you the amount of Rs. 30,000 has a cash prize or discount.  And upon buying any of there cars you can get a total discount of upto Rs. 5,00,000, 1 year comprehensive Insurance, Rs.20,000 worth of Accessories, 1 year of free Road tax and an attractive Rs. 1,00,000 Exchange bonus. There are other additional offers such as Dubai tour for 5 couples, Thailand trip for 2 people and Rs. 10 lakh worth accident Inusrance for 200 people. You can also win a helmet with the bikes and scooters as well. 

TVS Festive Offer: 

Jagdamba Motors the only distributor of the TVS two wheelers in Nepal launched the festive offer for its customer called “TVS dashain ko daud“. The scheme is that the customers can enter the lucky draw without even purchasing any bikes or scooters from the Jagdamba Motors. All you need to do is call the showroom from the comforts of your house of just visit the showroom once to get a voucher to enter the lucky draw. The winner can get a total cash prize varying from the amount of Rs.5000 to a whooping Rs. 1,00,000. Moreover if you purchase any two wheeler from any of the showrooms of the company your name will be entered twice in the system in accordance to the previous entry. This allows you to nearly double your winnings or as they have said you can even get a 100% cash back as well. 

Yamaha just had its huge mega exchange mela so there have been no festive offers from the company this year. But keep following this blog as soon we will be showing you a few upcoming Yamaha bikes with other brand bikes that might peak your interest. 


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