Best Restaurant Eateries In Jhamsikhel

Jhamsikhel is a small area within Lalitpur Province that in a tourist go to place. With a very clean surrounding and many recreation areas, this place holds many eateries in itself and the places are well to par with the restaurants around Basantapur area as well. They provide some of the best dishes and are experimental with their dishes and ambience. The few places that have been listed below are a must go to places:

List of Best Restaurant Eateries In Jhamsikhel

  1. Tasneem
  2. Chicken Station
  3. Pizzahood
  4. Redmud Cafe
  5. Pho99
  6. Fryyays
  7. Hermanns Bakery
  8. Kyubis Kitchen


Tasneem is a restaurant that serves some of the best Biryani in the town. The perfect mix of masala makes the biryani they make seem one of the best biryani’s in the town. Though this place is a bit expensive the ambience and the decor inside with the service that is so well timed and the waiters who are very friendly seem like you are indeed in a very fancy restaurant. If he pricing on normal times arenot your thing , then you can try there value time which is during the 1-2:30 pm , which is normally the lunch time for everyone, though do keep this mind that the value time makes the pricing half but the portions that you get also becomes half, nonetheless, you will want to come back for more after you have tried their Biryani. For an authentic taste and a good time try this place out. You will love it. Where you can find this place is, near the firefighter place of Lalitpur, which you can to through the road that leads to Sumeru Hospital.

Chicken Station:

chicken station jhamshikhelOver the short span of time which is nearly 1 and a half years, Chicken station has boomed and flourished so much that everyone knows the place. Chicken Station is a very cozy place to visit, And it is mostly known for, you know it , Chicken dishes. Their wide variety of chicken dishes makes the place a heaven for someone who loves to have chicken. This place is inexpensive meaning it is in the budget range and the taste of the chicken dishes rarely varies, and the service is very good as well, the servers are friendly and on weekends the place is packed with college friends, couples and family. Making this place a great place where you can go just to have a good time with your friends as well as have good food and make memories to smile upon. Chicken Station , Jhamsikhel even has collaborated with the Belgian waffle, meaning you can enjoy chicken and waffles as well. Chicken Station has branches all over kathmandu , the main is in Jhamsikhel opposite to Don Bosco College, the other one is in Kumaripati and the other one is in Durbarmarg , though there are other branches as well, Do check them out.


Pizza Hood JhamsikhelPizzahood is a small restaurant that serves some of the best firewood pizzas in town. Pizzahood is located in Jhamsikhel a few metres from the Birtish school. This place serves freshly made firewood pizza that is made only to order. They have mixed pizzas, purely Non-veg and Veg Pizzas as well. Pizzahood isnt too expensive either. Considering the quality and quantity of the pizza toppings and taste of the pizza itself. The price point doesnt seem too high. This place has come in various food bloggers lists of places to visit and it is indeed as the review says , Avery good place to have the pizzas and also to the people who cant find the place they also have home delivery services. They make the pizzas fresh and deliver it to you around ring road area. Do try this place , its a very good place to try if you are someone who enjoys good , inexpensive food and just hanging out with your family and friends.

Redmud Cafe:

Redmud Cafe has been around from quite a long time and this place has been providing some of the best delicacies around Jhamsikhel as well. They provide with a budget lunch menu which makes the price of some of their selected items that are some of the best in their menu to be tasted at half the price of the original price, they have menu plans that allow you to have various dishes at a certain quantity at a certain price , that is quite affordable, the place is one of the best place to have steak or other meat items for tourists as well, this place is inexpensive , but has always set a certain quality that it has not gone down on. There burgers are also some of the best burgers around Jhamsikhel. Recommended to try this place out.


restaurant Pho99 jhamsikhel patanPho99 is a Vietnamese restaurant that is in the lane same as of the Big Mart in Jhamsikhel. This place serves one of the best Pho’s in the town with other dishes in the menu as well, the cost is a bit expensive but the price you pay for the meal is well worth it. For people who would like to try new cuisines from various countries, this place can be a go to place, as the Pho dish is a dish which has clear broth with noodles dipped in it with various meat and veggies in the broth and the taste is something that normally Nepalese havent tasted.


Frydays jhamsikhelFrydays is a place which is a hangout area with retro style foods. The food items seem to be dishes which are heavily influenced by the western cuisine. The best selling item in their menu is Corndogs, which normally are not available in the town easily, there are other places, but this place does serve one of the best corndogs and some of the best spicy frys. Frydays is exactly opposite to the Big Mart in Jhamsikhel, which leads to the Heritage Garden.

Hermann’s bakery:

Hermanns bakeryHermanns Bakery is a european styled bakery with various bakery items that are heavily influenced by european bakery, the macaroons, the brownies are some of the best around Jhamsikhel, this place serves other pastries as well, these pastries are inexpensive, though some are expensive, the other pastries are well made and taste delicious, this place is a very good place to get morning breads as well, they bake fresh breads every morning , and you can see tourists out in there balcony having a cup of coffee with their freshly baked breads.

Kyubis Kitchen:

Kyubis kitchenKyubis kitchen is in an alley right beside the Hermanns Bakery, this place is an anime themed restaurant , but this place serves some of the best Japanese cuisines, it hasn’t been too long since this restaurant has been open , but its popularity has gone up in such a short amount of time , because of its anime themed dishes, the owners, the servers cosplay while serving the dishes and its a hangout place for many cosplayers as well. The dish to try in this place is the Infinte Tsukiyomi. This place is closed on tuesdays.

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