Budget places to eat in Basantapur

Basantapur is one of the most flocked tourist area in the kathmandu valley. There are many people who go through the roads of basantapur to go to their work or just to roam around. And for students and just people who like to roam around, Basantapur is a place to always be in. Even though the place is being rebuilt after the massive earthquake that hit Neppal a few years ago. The place is still one of the most visited tourist area and you can normally see many tourists visiting the place and as well many locals or students there. The place has various local eateries that serve newari dishes as well. Basantapur and a few areas around the basantapur area give you the taste of the Newari cuisine of the kathmandu as well. But that is for another time. Below are some of the budget areas around the Basantapur area that you can visit and eat in:

  • Picnic Special Momo
  • Solo
  • Sweet Fix
  • Narayan Daae ko famous Momo pasal
  • The local
  • Waffle love

Picnic Special Momo:

Picnic Special momo is a hidden gem in the basantapur area. The place is in an alley right next to sweet fix and within the alley just a couple of metres in on your left hand side , you see a local Momo shop with the name Picnic Special momo. The place isnt that big. And like all local eateries you might have to share a table with multiple people eating in the place. The place some of the best momos in the area that too in a very reasonable price of Rs 80. And in the current day and time getting Buff. Momos for that price is uncalled for. They serve chicken Momos as well for the price of Rs 100, whereas currently most places charge nearly Rs 120 for just the buff Momos and nearly Rs 180 for chicken momos. This place serves good Momos for a reasonable price and is a place that people must give a try to. It is situated in Jhochen.


Solo is small eatery opened by a Japanese who is currently living in Nepal. He has an apprentice who is a Nepali lady. They serve you Japanese Takoyaki. The takoyaki comes in 3 variations. Octopus, Vegetable and Chicken. Each has a different cost. The octopus and the chicken one cost Rs 180 for 6 pieces of the takoyaki , and Rs 90 for half of that . while the vegetable one costs Rs 120 for 6 pieces of the takoyaki , and Rs 60 for half of it. The place is on the right hand side of the parking area of basantapur area which leads towards lagan. The place also serves Japanese rolls of rice, which do taste great as well.  The place is small and houses nearly 10 people at a time , so you can people sitting outside and enjoying the takoyaki as well. The Otaku Nepal club members frequently visit the place and have invited the owner to the Comic con and other anime festivals that happen in the city. This place is a must try for people who would like to try some Japanese dish and also try something new. It is situated in Jhochen.

Sweet Fix:

Sweet fix has recently come into popularity. Especially amongst the youngsters. As the place serves up some of the best chilled Popsicle, and other smoothies and other cold items. The place is very innovative with their Popsicle and the cold dishes they serve up. The main attraction point of the sweet fix is that they use the real essence of the fruits while making their fruit Popsicle rather than using the taste enhancers and other chemicals to make their Popsicle. They make authentic Popsicle which are within the budget of the people who would visit the place. The pricing goes something from Rs 90 to Rs 200 ish according to the dish you order. The place is very popular now compared to the time when it was first opened. Many food bloggers also have visited this place rate it very highly. It is situated in Jhochen.

Narayan Daae ko famous Momo pasal:

Now this place is what we call a legend in the Momo Business. This place is nearly 2 decades old and the main thing about this place is that the momo they serve hasn’t changed in taste since their early days. The main shop of this Momo shop is in Masan galli which is in around ring road area somewhere in the alleys. The second outlet of this place is in Basantapur that was opened quite a while back. Its been nearly a year since they opened and since the t day they opened the place always has been packed. It is a favorite among all the locals and even people who just want to have a plate of good Momos. The place is a bit costly but not costly in the manner that it cost Rs 200 or something. It costs around Rs 120 to Rs 180 and the place is always packed nonetheless. The place runs out of Momos and ingredients for the day by the time the clock hits nearly 7pm. So to get the taste of the place you have to go quite early in the afternoon and stay in queue if there is one.

The local:

The local is a cafe like restro that is right by the side of Narayan Daae ko famous Momo pasal. The interior of the place looks like a small lodge in the woods that houses a few places. The place is known for a fusion taste. As it serves Nepali fusion cuisines while serving some other dishes as well. The place was opened only a year ago and it is flocked by people nowadays. The place may be small but the ambiance of the place is very good and the people are happy to serve you as well. The pricing is within the budget of even students and normally you would like to visit the place in a group as nobody likes to eat in a table alone. The place has two stories and the ground floor normally houses very few people while the most people tend to choose to stay in the upper floor and enjoy the view of the people going to and fro from the Basantapur area itself. The place is a great hangout place as well.

Waffle Love:

Waffle love is another those small cafe like restros that came to be just a year ago. The place serves some of the best waffles after Belgian waffles in the same area. The place is mostly known for the breakfast menu of waffle they serve. The meals are within the budget costings, Though some meals on the menu are a bit expensive, most of the dishes are in the budget of even the students who would like to have a taste of different meals in the morning. The place especially serves waffles in the morning but they are open till the night. The place is a small cozy place and decorated with vibrant colors. For people with a sweet tooth , they should try this place.


There are other budget places as well, but the list will be made again later. And newer places will also be added.

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