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Boudhanath Temple is one of the most visited places in Kathmandu. The stupa has already been enlisted as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and till this date, it has been kept in pristine condition even after the massive earthquake that came around 4 years ago. Boudhnath Stupa is one of the most visited places for Buddhist pilgrims. In kathmandu Swayambhunath Stupa and Boudhnath Stupa are widely know for their beautiful and serene environment. The place has thousands of people visting it everyday. Even though alot of locals visit the place, It is normally flocked with tourists as well. The place is widely known for its serene environment and some of the best local delicacies of the tibetan regions. The few places that you should be visiting if you are in the area are:

  1. CD laphing Centre and Himalaya laphing centre
  2. Sky cafe
  3. Tibet kitchen rooftop restaurant
  4. Khawa Khorpo tasting Noodle factory
  5. Mechung restaurant
  6. Chocolate Wheel

1. CD Laphing Centre and Himalaya Laphing Centre:

A laphing is normally made with potato starch that is mixed with water and then cooked like a crepe. Then the filling that is put into the laphing is either tofu or a variation of tofu like soyabean . Laphing comes in two variations, one is laphing with liquid, which is called “Jhol Laphing” and the other one is “Dry Laphing” which is called “Sukkhaa Laphing“. These two variations also come with different chilly level. Normally they serve it with a lot of chilly, but you can ask the server to tone down the chilies spiciness.

CD laphing Centre serves some of the most varied versions of laphing but they stay true to the authentic taste of the laphings themselves. Himalaya Laphing Centre is one of the oldest laphing centres in the Boudha area, and they have been serving some of the best laphings for nearly a decade now. The laphing is normally spicy and the ambience of these places might not be the best in terms of restaurants. But the dishes they serve are some of the best around the Boudhanath stupa

2. Sky Cafe:

Sky cafe is one of those cafe that upon looking you wont think serves some of the best Thulo momos in the Boudhanath stupa area. Sky cafe is a hidden gem among all the bustling hotels and restaurants boudhnath area. The place serves some of the best thulo momos. The filling are generously put and the sauce they serve the thulo momo with are very tangy and go really well with the Thulo momo. The variation of the thulo momo are in the different taste, Such as: Chicken Thulo momo, Pork Thulo Momo and Buff as well. Though the buff thulo momo is very rarely made of, found among the thulo momo vendors. Sky cafe is one of the must try places for some of the best thulo momos in the area.


3. Tibet Kitchen Rooftop Restaurant:

The local dish of Shayphalays, Fried tofu, Fried Potatoes and most of all Thulo Momos of tibet kitchen rooftop restaurant is some of the best around the area. You can enjoy these scrumptious dishes at a very reasonable price. The prices are very cost effective and all the while the quality of the dishes are very good as well. You can enjoy these dishes while enjoying the view of the Boudhanath Stupa from the rooftop of the restaurant. This place is best visited during the evening as the stupa has a very different beauty to the place when visited during the evening. The dishes are best eaten while they are hot as well. The place serves some of the best thulo momos alongside some of the best stick foods as well.

4. Khawa Khorpo tasting Noodle factory:

Khawa Khorpo tasting Noodles factory is one of those places where you can have dry thukpas, normal thukpas and various other variations of noodles. The noodles they serve are made fresh from scratch in the eatery itself. They do commercially sell their noodles raw as well. The dry thukpas, thukpas and other delicacies they serve are some of the most authentic tibetan delicacy in the area. This place has been recently found by many food vloggers, and everyone visiting this place have given very good responses about the place. Which makes this place one of the must visit places in the boudha area.

5. Mechung Restaurant:

Mechung Restaurant recently opened one of their new chains in the Boudha stupa area. The restaurant is about 50 metres ahead from the boudhanath stupa and this place serves one of the best dumplings in town. The place is normally packed with people who have come to visit the stupa and the place is always bustling with people. The main show of the place is their famous dumplings , or as we Nepalese call it Momos. The dumplings are made with authentic Nepali spices and the taste is very good. The place is normally a very busy place and the new chain has been revamped quite a bit to show the various traditional looks like that of a tibetan restaurant. That reside within the boudhanath stupa premises. For people who would like to try some good dumplings and have a great time, this place is a must visit and should be kept in their lists of places to eat when visiting the stupa.


6. Chocolate Wheel:

Chocolate wheel is one of the newer places that just recently opened up and is gaining rather alot of popularity. The main attraction of the place seems to be the selfie coffee that they have been serving. They have a very sophisticated machinery that they use to recreate any image of your choice into the coffee foam. Various food vloggers have visited the place and almost all of them have loved the idea. As of recently, the  popularity has grown among the younger generations, and also some of the elder generations as well. Everyone seems to have been trying the place out, mainly because of the selfie coffee and also for other various food items they serve. All in all, this is an experience you should have at least once while visiting the boudhanath stupa area.

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