The farmer’s market ( Le Sherpa)

The farmers market has been around for quite some time and not many people seem to know about it. The farmers market is like a gathering of all the fresh, best and organic produces of the country in one single place. Le sherpa’s Farmers Market has been doing this for a while now. The place is most of the time filled with families that have come from abroad, or foreign families. The farmer’s market is not only a place where you only buy but you can have taste of various dishes that the stall owners have prepared. All the dishes are organic and homemade. The produce you get there are some of the freshest and finest quality produce as all the produce are all grown or made in the localities themselves. The shopkeepers are all locals, though some are foreigners who came to Nepal to showcase their skills, and give the people the taste of their home country, which is always appreciated.

What to expect from the Farmer’s market?

Farmers market has been around for a few years. People from all over the country are slowly recognizing the place. So, what you can expect is some of the freshest and finest and organic food. The food is delicious and appetizing for the morning. You can see in various stalls, the smiling faces of the vendors in the Farmers Market. The environment is in an open area. In this area, there are places to sit down or you can just stroll around and look around other stalls while you eat some delicious dishes from one of the vendors. While you check around the Farmer’s market, you can check out various sample platters as well. The vendors serve you free sample platters, before you make the decision of buying the produce. The sample platters they provide are small by still nearly packed with all the taste that cover your tongue and give you this feeling of bliss when tasting them. The motto of Farmer’s market is Eat fresh, Eat slow and Eat local. And they have followed this word to word for as long as I have known. In the Farmer’s Market, theirs this stall which sells some of the best Thulo momos , filled with either minced pork or grilled chicken. They serve both of these with a side of coleslaw, this coleslaw is rather tangy than creamy, then also with all this they give you some sauces as well. All these are some of the best burst of flavors in your mouth. There are other dishes as well, but these dishes stand out more as the dishes are sold out in just a few hours and sometimes in just an hour. The Thulo momos are one of the must tries when visiting the place. The place has some of the freshly made produces as well. The produces are always organic. What else can you expect from the Farmer’s Market is that you might some of the sponsored companies as well. As of recently various supplement companies and other sponsored companies also put up their stalls to promote their supplement as well. At the end of the day Farmer’s Market is a business hub where you can find various produces , the only thing is they are high quality produce which are organic and wont have any harmful chemicals making various alterations to the produce. The farmer’s market also is a place where various butchers showcase their meat, the freshly caught fish, or maybe dry aged meat are also in the farmer’s market. Some of the finest wine and enjoy the sun and the chill air in their open area. In the Farmer’s market you are going to find produces that are of high quality and very very healthy for you.

What to not expect from the Farmer’s Market?

The farmer’s market maybe providing some of the best , organic produces of the country but the price that they label it with is rather expensive. Quality over quantity indeed but the pricing is rather catered towards the foreigners that visit the farmer’s market , rather than the locals who might visit the place. This is also one reason why alot of local people don’t seem to visit the place to buy any produce even though the produces are of high quality but the pricing is rather kept as though that the locals can not normally afford. Then theres the thing that not all vendors provide samples to you when sometime you would want to have a small sample of the produce before buying it. And that is why sometimes the produce that might be just some of the best might not get sold out because the vendor doesnt provide the sample to the customers. In the farmer’s market you might not always get a place to comfortably sit down and have your meal in your leisure because normally the place is packed with foreign families as well as a few locals who want to know what they are providing. The people in the Farmer’s market will be sitting everywhere and if you are a bit late the place is jet packed with people who wont move for until the time the duration of Farmer’s Market ends on that day. There will be times when the dish that you have been wanting to try will be sold out because the vendors make a certain amount of the dish and once they are sold out , they will close the shop and leave. The disappointment when such a thing happens is not great. So, thats another of things that you cannot expect. You cannot expect to always be able to try a certain dish that you always have wanted to try because, chances are that dish might be sold out earlier than you arrive there.

The Farmer’s Market is a great place to be . It opens every Saturday, From 8 am – 12:30 pm. Within these time, sometimes many of the vendors get sold out, so, the best bet is you go their first thing in the morning and get what you wanna eat or buy. Le Sherpa’s The farmer’s market is a great place to be, A must try place when you visit kathmandu or wanna try something new if you live in kathmandu itself. The location of the place is in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal, Opposite to the President House. Give this place a try and tell us what you found good and bad about the play.



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