11 Hidden Features of iOS 11

Get Started With These 11 Hidden iOS 11 Features

Get going with some of these hidden iOS 11 features and tricks that you can impress your friends with.

#1 Customizable Control Center

The new redesigned Control Center has all the controls such as Wi-Fi, Volume, Bluetooth, Flashlight on a single page. With iOS 11 you can now add or remove the controls. In order to add or remove controls:

  • Go to Settings >> Control Center >> Customize ControlsHidden iOS 11 Features - Customize Control Center

2. Magnifier

Magnifier is an accessibility tool that lets you use your iPhone’s camera as a magnifying glass. To use magnifier, go to Settings >> Control Center >> Customize Controls and add it to your Control Center. You can now easily open magnifier from your control center.

ios 11 Magnifier

3. Screen Recorder

Sometimes, we wish to record our screen activities. Lots of screen recorders  are available for the purpose. But now, iOS 11 has come up with built-in screen recorder. Just, add a custom shortcut to your Control Center and start recording your screen. To use screen recorder, go to Settings >> Control Center >> Customize Controls and add it to your Control Center.
screen recorder ios 11

4. Automatically Delete Unused Apps

In the App Store settings, you can now automatically delete apps you don’t regularly use. Icons won’t disappear from your home screen. But the next time you’re going to try and open the app, iOS will download the app from the App Store first. So, this feature seems to be very handy for the 16GB iPhone users. To use this feature, go to Settings >> iTunes & App stores >> Offload Unused Apps and toggle it to on.
 Automatically Delete Unused Apps

5. Rearranging multiple apps at the same time

iOS 11 allows you to re-arrange multiple apps at the same time. For this, simply perform the following:

  • Enter Edit Mode: To enter the edit mode, Tap and hold an app icon while on the Home screen until the icons wiggle.
  • Add icons to stack: Start dragging the first icon, and while holding the icon, tap other icons to add them to your stack.
  • Move icons: When you have finished gathering icons, move to the page and/or folder that you want to move the icons to.
  • Drop icons: Simply release your finger and the icons will fall in the desired page and/or folder.
  • Exit Edit Mode: Press the Home button to exit the edit mode.

6. Smart Invert

iOS 11 provides the option to reverse the colors in your display except for images, media and some apps that use dark color style. To activate Smart Invert, go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Display Accomodations. Then toggle the switch to on/off Smart Invert mode.

7. Create PDF from website

The updated Safari browser of iOS 11 lets you create PDF from the webpage that you are browsing.
Create PDF from website

8. Homekit

Apple Homekit enables you to turn your home into a Smart Home with the help of accessories and devices such as sensors, remotes, switches, security systems, lights and thermostat. Previously, iOS had the feature which when turned on would turn off the lights when you left the house. But now you have the option to turn off the lights when anyone leaves or the last person leaves.

9. Notes app

In the Notes app, options above the keyboard. fourth one plus sign. option to scan document. opens up camera scan save. sign share markup

Notes app scanned document

10. QR Code

The iOS11 Camera app has built-in QR code scanner. When you point your iPhone’s camera to any QR code, then it automatically scans and present the information from the code. For example, pointing your iPhone camera to a website QR will show up a prompt to open the URL.
 iOS 11 QR Code

11. Echo Effect in Messages App

Send your messages with new effects: Echo and Spotlight. Echo multiplies your message over and over. While, spotlight highlights your message. These fun effects can be accessed when you hold down the green arrow while sending your message.Echo Effect in Messages App
What do you think of these sleek hidden iOS 11 features? Let us know in the comment section below.

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