Upcoming Bikes in 2019 in Nepal

Asia is one of the continents that use bikes as their primary means of travel the most. Every country in Asia has numerous numbers of Bikes, though some superbikes are banned in various countries all over the world, Asia is where only a few bikes are banned and almost all the manufactured bikes from the company are legal to ride on the roads of any Asian country. Even among the Asian countries the most bikes rode is in India and the Philippines, as the bikes produced from the company is normally shipped to these countries, and then there are a few that get shipped to China as well, but in China, most of the population drive or use the train instead of a bike. Even in the context of Nepal, almost every household has a bike of their own to commute around the city. Here are a few bikes that are coming in 2019 in Nepal:

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Upcoming Bikes in Nepal for 2019

  1. Yamaha Mt 15
  2. KTM Duke 125
  3. Benelli 302s
  4. Honda CB300
  5. Benelli 150 and 150i
  6. Suzuki Gixxer GSX 250 

1. Yamaha MT 15:

Yamaha MT 15 is the new 155cc bike that Yamaha is launching soon. It has been launched in a few countries all over the place but hasn’t arrived in Nepal yet. Its specifications when compared to other bikes such as the new KTM Duke 125 and NS 200 was higher than both these bikes. The MT 15 comes with a single channel ABS, with dual disc brakes, It has 6 gears, the tyre type is tubeless like all other bikes nowadays, the bike has telescopic forks instead of the usual USD ones, The engine is the same as the new R15 V3 but the naked variation has the ABS while R15 V3 doesn’t have one. Yamaha MT 15 may soon replace FZ when it arrives to Nepal, even though its a bit expensive, the engine and the specifications are worth every penny on this bike.

Yamaha mt 15 nepal

2. KTM Duke 125:

KTM Duke 125 is powered by a 124.7 CC, single cylinder, liquid cooled engine. The engine has 6 speed gears and has dual channel ABS, even though it has very low CC, its power is no less than premium 160 CC bikes in the market. KTM has made this small CC bike a beast in its own self, this bike comes with WP inverted front forks and WP monoshock at the rear. The front tyre has 300mm front and 230mm rear disc brakes combined with Dual channel ABS. This bike will be hitting the Nepali market around June and July.

ktm 125 duke

3. Benelli 302s:

Benelli 302s is the new 300cc displacement bike from Benelli hitting the streets of Nepal by the end of July, This Bike has the tank capacity of 16L, It has a high-compression ratio parallel twin engine , which can produce a high amount of power and stability, Just like its racing series, it comes with a dual channel ABS , with dual front disc brakes, which provides superior safety and stability even in some of the riskiest of conditions. This bike comes with a LCD analog display dashboard, with projection headlights. This bike comes with superior technologies for its 300 CC displacement ,similar to the new 2019 R3 series.

Benelli 302 S4. Honda CB 300R:

Honda CB 300R is a powerful beast from the Honda company, this Bike comes with a 286CC, Liquid cooled, DOHC , single-cylinder engine which can produce upto 30.9-31BHP at 8500 rpm, the motor is paired up with a 6 shift gear box. The weight of the CB300R is 143 KGs , which comparatively is very light and nimble compared to its other siblings or other bikes with the same amount of CC. This bike comes with a Dual channel ABS, and has premium stopping power with perfect stability even when you are riding at a very high speed , providing optimum safety and comfort. This bike also has gear shift warning lights , which allows the rider to shift the gears almost perfectly without having any problems.

honda cb300r

5. Benelli 150 and 150i:

The new Benelli 150 CC series is a eye catcher as it has a whooping price of 2.3lakhs for the double disc brake, no ABS and the ABS variant with 3.15lakhs in the Nepali market. This bike has the same body as that of its elder sibling Benelli TNT 300cc. This bike has the fuel capacity of 16L , while it is a small displacement bike compared to other 150CC bikes in the market. It can give a go at it with even some of the 200 CC bikes out there. The bike has a 5 speed gearbox and produce 12 BHP or Horse power, and has a mileage of 40kmpl, which for the roads of Nepal is really good. The New Benelli 150 and 150i might change the scene of the Nepalese market for 150 CC bikes with its cost effective bikes.

Benelli TNT 150

6. Suzuki Gixxer GSX 250:

The Suzuki Gixxer GSX 250 is a leaked bike of Suzuki’s new 250CC displacement that is soon to be released, Its been years since the Gixxer 150CC bike that the riders have been asking for a 250CC bike that can compete against other 250 variations of other bikes like that of FZ25s and Duke 250CC, The leaked specs lead to that the new Suzuki GSR 250 will have dual channel ABS for optimum safety, with 248CC FI engine, to provide the Horse power of 25BHP. While the front suspension is the standard KYB telescopic suspension while on the rear its a adjustable KYB monoshock. This bike comes with a digital dashboard. The expectation for its release is around late August to September, and while this bike may cost a bit more, the specs that got leaked show that this bike is superior in its own class, providing the sporty look of the GSX variation of the Suzuki racing series and having enough power and the weight of this bike comes to a 141kgs which is indeed a nimble bike considering all the farings and weights it will be putting on.

Suzuki Gixxer GSX 250 Nepal

The above mentioned dates can vary and to know proper details visit the NADA automobile showcase during Asoj which is nearly on August to September. Where all the newer Bikes will be showcased, Until then  Ride Safe.

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