Upcoming Bikes for 2020 in Nepal

2020 will be bringing about various different motorbikes that are likely to show up in the streets near you within a few days of release, why is that so? because the Upcoming Bikes for 2020 in Nepal about to be released are that good. Some of the motorbikes are the upgrade of the motorbikes that are in the streets currently, while some are just new to the public everywhere. All the while these motorbikes arriving at given time is not sure as the regulations of the country, as well as various other factors that are concerned with the dealership, might cause the motorbikes to be pushed to later dates for their arrival or even just come in as surprise but it is for sure the motorbikes will be showing themselves soon in the streets near you. Some of the motorbikes mentioned just have had their technology upgraded which is the predecessor being a BS4 compliant model and the new version being a BS6 compliant. More explanation on the difference between BS4 and BS6 compliant. Without further a do , let’s begin with the list of the new bikes that are about to arriving in the showrooms soon in 2020

Yamaha MT-03:

Yamaha will be sending out its newest iteration to the Yamaha MT 03 by April 2020. The bike sports the same engine that the Yamaha R3 has. The bike comes with a 321 cc engine with 42 PS of power, 30Nm of peak torque, double disc brakes, with dual-channel ABS, and tubeless tyres. MT-03 will be the naked variant of the MT series for R3 and will see to giving its riders all the power an R3 has to provide but will give the bike a more naked sport look. The bike will most probably be able to go on off-road tracks with ease similar to the MT-15 and FZ series of the same company and will be giving great results as well. The bike will be suitable for both racing and off-road tracks. The price is estimated to be between 7-9 lakhs Nepali rupees when it comes to Nepal.

Yamaha XSR 155: 

Yamaha XSR 155 had been released alongside MT-15 in Thailand, but it had not seen the light of day in any other countries in Asia. So, In early 2020, Yamaha plans on releasing this retro-looking bike to all of Asia. What makes this bike so good? the fact that it has the same engine that MT-15 sports are what makes it so good. The XSR 155 is priced even lower than MT-15, giving it the edge of being liked more, not only due to its retro look but also due to all the function that it provides for the price that it comes it. While the price of the MT-15 has been set to 4.25 lakhs rupees in Nepal, we can expect the XSR 155 to be priced around 3.9 lakhs to 4 lakhs rupees. Do know this is an estimated price and the actual price can vary vastly as per the amount of taxation the government will be imposing on the bike.

Bajaj Pulsar 250:

Bajaj has been working on a new bike for a while and this coming 2020, Bajaj may release the bike to the public. The bike being the Pulsar 250, the bike derives its engine from the same engine that the KTM Duke 250 bike has, which is similar to its other siblings  NS 200 and  RS 200 that have similar engines that were derived from the same engine that the KTM Duke 200 had. The last new Pulsar bike that Bajaj gave the general public was the NS 160 but after that, there have been no new bikes, except adding a few features to the recently released ABS and FI integrated NS 200. Even though the engine is derived from the Duke 250 we can expect the company to tone down the power and produce less power than what the KTM 250 engine can produce. So, how much power are we expecting ?, We expect the new Bajaj Pulsar 250 to be producing about 28 PS and 23 NM of power overall. As you can see, the power is not significantly lower but the toned-down version will be felt when riding the bike itself. The bike will have a 249 cc Engine, Double Disc brakes in which we expect will be a dual-channel ABS, the tyres will tubeless, and it will feature the same oil-cooled cooling system that all the bikes from Bajaj features. The motorbike will most probably feature the same triple spark, DTS-i technology that all the motorbikes from Bajaj normally feature. The estimated price which is not sure that it can be this is around 4 lakhs to 5 lakhs. The price range might go up and down or similar to the recently released ABS and FI version of Pulsar NS 200, the price might be reasonable and affordable for what the bike offers its customers. The release date for the bike is not yet confirmed but it is likely to hit the showrooms by mid to early late 2020 in Nepal.

TVS Apache RTR 310:

Earlier this year Apache rolled out the Apache RR 310 that featured a 312.2 cc engine, produced 34 PS of power at 9700 rpm, and 27.3 Nm at 7700 rpm. The engine works in conjunction with a 6-speed transmission with negative backtrack gears to eliminate false neutrals. The bike comes with a 300mm petal disc with a radial calliper at the front and a 240mm petal disc at the rear, with dual-channel ABS as standard. The RTR version is basically the street version of its RR sibling which was made in collaboration with the BMW Motorrad to provide a bike that is cost effective as well as provides its customers with the thrill of riding a motorbike that is always track-ready if needed. The only competitors of the RR 310 were the reigning giants such as the Yamaha R3, Kawasaki Ninja 300, Benelli 302 R. Now as the RTR version which is basically the naked sport version is coming to the competition for this model would be the MT 03, Benelli 302 S and the Kawasaki Ninja Z300 which are all naked variants of its track ready beast of a bikes. But what does Apache’s 300 cc variant have that is better than all the other 300 cc variants is that the bike is cheaper than the other bikes making it more desirable in the market. The estimated price of the RTR version is around 5 lakhs to 6 lakhs in Nepal. We might be wrong on the prices though. (No Image yet, apologies)

KTM 250 Adventure:

KTM has been bringing some of the most premium bikes in the market currently. The bikes have so much power, that most of the bikes of the same category have been trying to up their game just to stay competitively in the market against the giant service and variety of bikes provided by KTM. The new KTM 250 Adventure is the new premium Adventure bike from KTM , the bike sports the same 250 engine of its naked variant sibling the KTM Duke 250. The engine is a 248.8 cc liquid cooled engine, with the power of 30 PS, the torque of 24Nm , it comes with tubeless tyres, double disc brakes, and it is configured with dual channel ABS for the best safety measures the rider needs. The bike was supposed to be released in 2019 but as of some difficulties it did not release but as of late 2020, the bike will be hitting the nearest KTM showroom in your area.

Benelli TRK 251:

Another Adventure sportbike on the list is the Benelli TRK 251 from the Italian company Benelli will be hitting the showrooms on the March of 2020. The bike sports a 249 cc engine, with 26 PS power, 21.2 Nm of peak torque, and has double disc brakes, the tyre type being tubeless and for added safety it has dual-channel ABS that most of the bikes from the company have. The bike made for adventure sport such as going off road, which is similar to the KTM 250 Adventure as well as the BMW GS310. The bike will be most probably competing against these bikes as well as the new Xpulse 200. The bikes estimated price is between 5-6 lakhs. Given the features this bike has, is it worth the amount of money?, we wont know until we get a more descriptive review when the bike releases in the market this March.

Other two wheelers ( Scooters that will be coming in 2020):

Yamaha Ray ZR 125 CC FI 

Yamaha ZR street Rally FI

Honda Dio BS6 variant

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