Best Beginner Bikes in Nepal

Bikes have been the main means of transportation in Nepal. There are so many bikes in the market nowadays and the young generations tend to just buy bikes that have very high capacity, torque and Horse power and later get into various accidents that can even take there lives, but when getting your first bike , in Nepal , you should be getting a small displacement bike, meaning bikes over the threshold of 300CC is not right as a beginner bike, even some of the 200-250 CC bikes are not beginner bikes because they have such a high amount of horse power, It cannot be considered as a beginner bike. Here are a few bikes that you can consider when you want to get a new bike, though some of these bikes do have high horse power, the system that is in the bike is the reason why it is in this list.

  1. FZ250
  2. FZS15
  3. MT15
  4. R15
  5. Duke 125
  6. Duke 200-250CC
  7. Benelli 150-300CC


Yamaha makes some of the best small displacement bikes, Yamaha has been around for so long , they know how to cater to needs of the riders, the new beginner riders have a huge option to choose from but the new FZ250 is one of the best option in this list, FZ250 comes with a 249CC oil cooled and fuel injected, blue core, single cyliner motor and it produces 21BHP, this bike has the top speed of 134 kmph , that is a very good number as this bike is mostly made for commuting. This bike has 282 front disc and 220 mm rear disc brake and comes with ABS in the new versions, meaning it has superior safety in it. The fuel capacity of this bike is 14L and gives a mileage of 43kmpl. This bike is the elder sibling of FZS15 series which ranks second in this list.

Yamaha FZ 250 in Nepal


FZS150 is the variation that has been loved by nearly everyone in the South east Asia region, this bike is a 149CC small displacement bike and recently got a new version similar to R15 v3, though R15 V3 doesnt have ABS , the new FZS comes with a single channel ABS, dual disc brakes, and has a BHPof 13.2 BHP , the horse power isnt too high but it is good for off road and commuting around the city. It has a top speed of 120KMPH, and has a 5 gear box. This bike is one of the best beginner bikes out in the market, with perfect rider position, weight, and safety.

Yamaha FZS15 ABS

Yamaha MT 15:

Yamaha MT 15 is the new 155cc bike that Yamaha is launching in Nepal between Mid June to late July, it has been launched in a few countries all over the place but hasn’t arrived in Nepal yet. Its specifications when compared to other bikes such as the new KTM Duke 125 and NS 200 was higher than both these bikes. The MT 15 comes with a single channel abs , with dual disc brakes, It has 6 gears, the tyre type is tubeless like all other bikes nowadays, the bike has telescopic forks instead of the usual USD ones, The engine is the same as the new R15 V3 but the naked variation has the ABS while R15 V3 doesnt have one, MT 15 may soon replace FZ when it arrives to Nepal, even though its a bit expensive, the engine and the specifications are worth every penny on this bike.

Yamaha mt 15

Yamaha YZF R15:

R15 is the smallest sibling among the R series of Yamaha, the elder being R1 , R15 is also a very good bike with a 155CC displacement, and comes with a 11L fuel tank to begin with. The new R15 V3 is the talk of the Yamaha bikes right now as the aerodynamics of this bike matches with the aerodynamics of the R3 , which is its elder sibling, it comes with a double disc brake, but no ABS which is its down point, the bike has a Horse power of 19BHP, it is a liquid cooled, single cylinder, 4 valve engine and has a 6 speed gear box, due to its better aerodynamics, the bike can hit a top speed of 140KMPH with perfect conditioning, though the numbers vary, the top speed still remains, to be 136-140 KMPH at all times, depending upon the conditioning of the bike itself.

Yamaha R15-V3 in Nepal

Duke 125:

ktm 125 duke whiteKTM’s line of bikes have never seen a bike that is lower than 200CC, but this new bike that KTM is about to launch soon is going to be a game changer for the biking scenario in Nepal. Though the price can make people not want to buy it, its specifications are worth the money. This bike is a small 125CC displacement bike, with liquid cooled , single cylinder engine, with dual channel ABS and double disc brakes, the front disc being 300mm while the rear being 230mm, which is a good size compared to it being a small bike. This bike is thought to be able to compete with the premium 160CC bikes in around South east Asia. The expected release of this bike is late June.

Duke 200-390CC:

KTM Duke 200 vs 250 vs 390Duke has two variations to it , one being the 200CC displacement bike while the other being its elder sibling the 390 CC series, the difference between these two bikes is not just there CC’s but their Horse power and the ABS fitted in them, While the 200 CC duke comes with a single channel ABS , the 390 CC series comes with dual channel ABS and slipper clutch, the 390 CC variation is a competitor for bikes such as Kawasaki Z250 and Benelli TNT 300CC. Both duke 200CC and 390 CC pack a horse power 25.1 BHP and 43 .5BHP, clearly showing that the 390 variation has nearly twice the power of its younger siblings.

Benelli 150-300CC:

Benelli TNT 300Benelli also has been trying to get into the Nepali market with its release of the TNT 300 series a few years back, but now, Benelli has come with a 150CC bike which shares the same name , Benelli TNT 150 and Benelli TNT 150i, these both bikes have identical specifications except one comes with ABS and the other with no ABS, 150i comes with a single channel ABS while 150 doesnot have any ABS, they both have the same BHP of 12 BHP. Both these bikes are very nimble and still come with dual disc brakes, and are not very expensive while the 150 CC is 2.3 lacs, the ABS variation is 3.15 lacs which isnt very expensive compared to the other bikes out there in the market.

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