Safety gears for riders and Pillion riders

In Asia, most of the people use two wheelers to get by to every place they want to go. Two wheelers being more popular among the younger generations. As most people do use the two wheelers such as : Motorbikes, Scooters , Mopeds or electric bikes. Road safety has been a heating topic among all the conscious riders. The safety being a main concern because the young people tend to over speed the two wheelers and at such times due to lack of proper skills, road not being good, or due to the poor conditioning of the bike itself. There are hundreds of accidents that happen every year due to the lack of proper safety gears, lack of skills of the rider, poor bike conditioning and bad road condition as well. These accidents sometimes resulting in the death of the rider as well as the pillion. So, with all these said, the importance of such safety gear is rather more important than one might think. So, Next time you as a rider or a pillion might want to look into safety gears while going on trips or any other commutes. There is a saying , The accidents do not happen far from your home , but it is just by your home or near your home that the accidents may occur. And this saying can be backed up quite a bit as most people who do get into road accidents are normally commuting towards their home or from their home. There are less road accidents on the highways as normally the roads are empty , or people who do go towards the highways always have proper gear and ride rather slowly. But in the city areas, the youths mainly tend to ride recklessly without the use of proper safety gears. The only safety gear they normally wear is “”Helmets” which is mandatory. If the rule were to be passed that helmets were not mandatory to be worn while riding in the streets , the people, especially youths would stop wearing “Helmets” at all. With all this said, lets look into all the safety gears that you as a rider should be wearing and also as a pillion rider should be getting as well. In this article we will also suggest the brands that sell the best versions of the safety gears, the brands might be a bit expensive , but getting the safety gears will be worth every single penny you sent on them.

The safety gears:

  • Helmets
  • Gloves
  • Jacket
  • Knee Pad/Knee Guards
  • Boots
  • Pants



Helmets are one of the most needed and basic of the safety gears while riding any two wheeler, or even four wheelers at times. They are even needed for the pillion riders as well, as pillion riders are the people who tend to get the most injured during any accidents that happen and can cause various injuries to the body but can severely cause damage to the head as well. Every country has made wearing a helmet a compulsory while riding any form of two wheeler and sometimes even four wheeler as well. There are three different types of helmets being a full helmet, 3/4 Helmet and a Half helmet. A full helmet is the most preferred one as it protects both your eyes , face and overall the head area from getting any damage. The 3/4 is also a fine helmet as it does cover the most of your head area. though it does leave a few places uncovered that can get bruises and other damage upon crashing or any other injury during crashes. As for a half helmet is mainly for fashion and does not provide as much of a protection as the above mentioned do. So, we highly suggest you get a full helmet or a 3/4 helmet at most, and not opt for a half helmet as it does not provide as much of a protection that the other helmets can provide.

The Brands we suggest you get a helmet are of : AGV Helmets, Shoei Helmets, MT- Helmets, Shark Helmets. Most of these helmets can be bought in a few places of Nepal, namely. Legendary gears Nepal, Bikeholic, and maybe even in some of the vendors around Tripureshwor and Teku. Getting a good brand that has warranty and is dependable as well as the vendor too has to be dependable , so, check out the above mentioned places for a good helmet.


Gloves are a necessary gear that you must always have. Gloves protect your palms and hands from getting grease over it , or letting sweat have contact the bars of the bike, which make the bars slippery. Gloves also protect your hands from getting dust over it during times when you are riding through a dusty road, or get the winter chills while riding during the winter. Gloves are mostly necessary during the winter as the hand tends to cramp up due to the cold air hitting your hands and then makes it nearly impossible for you to properly ride your vehicle which can lead to various uncalled for accidents as well. Wearing a proper gloves will also make sure that if by any mis happenings you fall to the ground, your palms wont be bruised or worst get any other wounds making it very hard to maneuver the bike to a safe place, or even worst would be permanent damage to your palms.  Gloves even help you have a better grip of the handles of the bike making it easier to stir in the road.

The gloves brand that we suggest you get are: ScorpionExo, Alpinestar, BMW Motorrad Gloves, Milwaukee. We are not sure if all of the gloves in the list are available in Nepal but you can still ask around to know if the suggested brands are available in the country.


Jackets are normally worn for the sake of not getting hit by the strong gust of wind that you are hit by when riding a bike. That is the more casual reason, but for the sake of safety a Jacket normally covers the entirety of your upper body. What this implies is that upon by any reason, you as a rider or a pillion get into a crash the jacket will make sure that you do not get a lot of bruises , unless the crash is way too bad. During cold seasons, Jackets keep you warm and do not allow the cold wind to get to your upper body as well.

The brands that we suggest you get for the Jackets are: Milwaukee, Joe Rocket, Alpinestars, Tour master and Milano Sport Gamma

Among these brands , Alpinestars is the most preferred as well as one of the most available in around Nepal. The places mentioned above are the places where you can find all these brands in.

Knee pads/ Knee Guards:

A knee pad covers your knee area. There are times when you take a turn or when you crash that you end up bruising your knee and the damage to your knee can take months to even years to recover depending on the amount of damage you have taken. So, getting a knee pad together with boots is a good choice as it protects your entire lower part of the legs from sustaining heavy damage when you get into any accident.

The knee guard or knee pad brands we suggest are: Alpinestars, Fox Racing launch, Leatt AirFlex, Lett C-frame.


Boots are one of the most needed equipment for any rider. Boots protect your lower legs from getting any injuries when crashing or being hit by other vehicles. Boots coupled with knee pads will protect your legs from most of major effects on your legs as long as you are not getting hit by a bigger vehicle directly. In those case even proper body equipment will prove useless in protecting you from getting damaged.

The brands that we suggest are : Tourtech, Alpinestar, Daytona Arrow Sport, and the other is a riding boots by Ducati themselves.


When talking about pants, the pants worn for riding motorcycles are not your typical cotton pants or jeans pants. The pants are made of a different material that is resistant to heat, and does not corrode easily. And most of all it does not get damaged easily either. The pants are also a must as it adds to more protection for your lower body with the addition of knee pad and boots it becomes a full protection for your lower body.

The brands that we suggest are : Alpinestar, Joe rocket, Viking cycle. Pilot Motosport, Cortech.

If in dilemma what proper brands would be even after this brief article, you could ask the huge companies that sale the bikes as well as some of the protective gear on the side. This will allow you to get a proper grasp of what the riding gears that are safe for both the rider and the pillion will. So, with this, Ride safe, as you can get to a place a little late, but do not rush so much that even the protective gear can not withstand the amount of damage you end up causing yourself and the pillion. So, do take care, and ride safe

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