The three mistakes of the plus two board exams

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 21.47.16The three mistakes of the plus two board exams

If I am to be completely honest here, I could find just more than three mistakes in the plus two board exams, but I wanted the title to somehow sound like one of my favorite novels; the three mistakes of my life.  I was trying to start with a joke, but seems like I’m not very good at it, so I’ll just get into the topic straightaway. So, just like the title suggests, in this article I’ll be discussing about the things in the plus two examinations that are in need for some serious changes. If you don’t know what exactly plus two is, well; plus two is the only high school program affiliated with the Higher Secondary Education Board of Nepal and is the choice of majority of Nepali students.

Now that, we have a basic understanding of plus two, let’s go onto plus two board exams, plus two boards are annual exams taken at the end of every academic years for students in plus two colleges. And basically, the performance of a student in these exams is what determines the knowledge that particular student.  And here we have it, the most common mistakes exams make; the notion that a three hour long test can determine whether the student is good or bad. This common fallacy is not only seen in the plus two boards, but also can be seen in the more hyped iron gate a.k.a S.L.C and this is the first mistake which has to be fixed in the plus two boards.

The other is the questions and the question patterns. With the plus two boards, if we are to prepare diligently with the old-is-gold guide, then we can easily get a very good score because then we’ll already know what questions could come and we can set answers set apart for these questions. And it’s the same question pattern over and over; the HSEB- Higher Secondary Education board seems to   be so engrossed in other matters that they don’t have enough time to make different questions every year. Simply put, these exams are not standardized, while they do test a student’s memory power, they fail to test the knowledge the student possesses.

And the last, but definitely not the least is the marking system. The plus two board’s tries to measure the level of knowledge the student has accumulated in the span of two years through a three-hour long test through numbers and percent. But, how do they mark the student’s performance in the college itself? The supposedly “internal marks” only comes through the practical exams and we all know, how that goes. Instead of carrying a holistic approach of including student’s studies, Extra Curricular Activities, attendance and performance throughout the college years, we are being tested and marked by a three-hour long exam.

Well, this is it. I let it all out, but only pointing out problems will get us nowhere, we have to find a correct way to solve these problems. The next time I write, I’ll try and come up with ways to solve these problems. While they might not be foolproof plans, I’ll at least be trying!!

About Author: This article is written by Supriya Tamang. She is the content writer for Sparrow SMS.This article generally about the hseb exam that tends to make effect in hseb result of the student of Nepal


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