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Abroad OpportunitiesOnly elites and rich had an access to foreign countries before but after the introduction of mass communication media everything has changed. With the radio, TV and internet, general public was able to get information from all over the world and opportunities for them outside Nepal. This immediately changed the status of those who were ambitious and willing to work hard but were not able find opportunities within the country. This drastically increased flow of Nepalese ambitious youths to foreign countries like Japan, Australia, Europe and USA. With the changing global situation, America favoured Nepal with DV lottery program and added thousands more to the increase Nepalese population in USA.

In Nepal, only the rich and aristocrats enjoyed wealth and power. Others had little or no chance to do so. Going abroad became a way to bring about a balance in that process. The economic status in Nepal today doesn’t have much difference between different communities. The aristocrat families of Nepal are no more the sole owner of big houses and cars. Kathmandu residents are no more the only heirs of bank balances; the Rais and Sherpas of the mountains are multi-millionaires in USA.

This desire for prosperity pulled a large number of populations to foreign countries but now Nepalese abroad are competing with fellow citizens of those countries. They have pulled their entire family members and relatives abroad to help them in their businesses and obtain education. Nowadays, the desire to compete for and live the life style of Americans and Europeans is of more interest to Nepalese youths than mere poverty.

The easy and cheap means to travel, the ability to speak English language easily and increasing number of well-settled Nepalese abroad make it easy for the beginners today. There are Nepalese lawyers and accountants in America and Europe to help the new-comers with immigration procedures and Nepalese communities to provide knowledge of easily settling there. Nepalese shops and restaurants are all over the world today.

The global village that the world has become in last few years makes the question of separate countries really useless except in the map. No country can do on its own and there will be increasing number of Americans and Europeans moving into Nepal and Nepalese moving elsewhere. It is just the way future is going to look like. We cannot stop the inevitable. Nepalese youths are marrying with Americans and Europeans. Either they move abroad or foreigners are moving in. Different people have different interests and motives for doing different things.

Political situation and poverty has always been the major reason behind the intellectuals and talented Nepalese leaving the country. If the country was able to absorb these human resources, the emigration would never happen in such a large quantity. On the other hand, the large number of population is conditioned in such a way that Nepal is useless, America is heaven, and Europe is the future and those who go to Australia make it. This kind of conditioning since early age is happening in Nepal at this moment. Young folks are looking forward to enjoy the rest of the lives in some foreign countries where life is comfortable and secure. They are not focused on creating opportunities in their own country.

It is yet to see the outcomes of the mass emigration of Nepalese abroad opportunities but most of the population is not going back to Nepal. They have settled outside of the country and have no plans of settling back in Nepal. The number of Nepalese emigrating is increasing day by day. It might be a high time for Nepalese policy-makers to examine their policies because it is evident that it’s not working in favor of Nepal.

Neil Ojha
Neil Ojha

(Neil Ojha is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, blogger, & a self-help student. He some time writes on ashesh.com.np as guest blogger. He is also a software marketing consultant at KOHEEN Technology. He is also a part of several other successful business networks in America. Neil also writes for several local and international English newspapers and magazines. Neil co-authored a book called “Simple Rules” with Rajan Thapaliya which was published few weeks ago from United States. For more information, reach him at 646-255-4578 or email [email protected]

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