Skype for iPhone updates to 3.0, adds video calling

skypeIn a move that’s sure to make users stand up and say “Hallelujah,” the latest update to the Skype app for iPhone finally adds video calling.

The newest version of the app will allow users to make video Skype to Skype calls from their iPhone via Wi-Fi and 3G, and also call Skype desktop users on both OS X and Windows (and we presume their sorely neglected Linux users), as well as those using Skype on their iPhones and iPads.

Naturally, if you’re on an iPad, you won’t get to send video back — and you have to deal with the iPhone interface since there isn’t a native Skype app for the iPad. But, iPad 2 could change that. If the new hardware is released with a camera, Skype will be ready for it, and hopefully with an iPad-optimized app as well.

So, have fun with video chatting via Skype and let us know what you think of it in the comments!

Thanks for the fast tip, Daniel!


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