Ncell App Camp’s Seminar: Overview

In the Ncell App Camp (organized by Ncell, as the name suggests), it is the well-known fact that 150 teams were selected for participation, who as an individual team are actively competing in the app development for various sectors such as Agriculture, Tourism, Corporate Solution and Education. Each team has an innovative idea, and winners will be selected in two levels- in each category, and an overall winner.

In the process of the Ncell app camp, the seminar is being held on idea management, business development and skill development starting from November 4 and ending on November 21, where the participants get the chance to boost up their products. Till date, the seminars are attended by highly skilled Nepali as well as International developers, speakers and trainers. You can watch keynote by each of them on video below.

In the first day of the Seminar (4th November), the training session was held on mobile application trends: marketing and monetization. In this day, Bishwas Dhakal (from Cash on Ad Pvt. Ltd.) was the keynote speaker, who inspired the participants to add creative fluid to their ideas.

The second day was done for the training of participants in three out of four categories- namely Agriculture, Tourism and Education.

Dinesh Gautam (Manager, Pro-Biotech Industries P. Ltd.), was the key person to share the knowledge about the Agriculture apps and their scope in Nepal.

For the participants who want to develop the apps related to the Educations category, Anil Chitrakar (a renowned social entrepreneur) shared his ideas and knowledge.

Bibhusan Bista, CEO of Young Innovations P. Ltd., was the keynote speaker for the participants trying to build apps related in Tourism.

For 3rd day the participants of Corporate Solution, a whole day (12th November) was separated. In this day, Erim Taylanlar, CEO of Ncell, was the main attraction and also the keynote speaker. He discussed about the revenues and the good scope of the apps developers in the present world with the participants, and was really motivating.

The 4th day was a eye-catching moment of the whole seminar of the Ncell App camp however, the arrival of Tommy Karl Palm (considered as Games Guru of, and developer of Candy Crush Saga). He discussed the development of the game, and actively participated in the Q&A section with the contestants.

Overall, Ncell is doing a very good work, for the recently raised technology industry of Nepal, and it will surely help a lot to boost up the potential of the participants, as well as other developers.

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