Yeti Finger Mystery Solved

The mystery of a yeti finger stolen from Nepal half a century ago and smuggled with the help of the actor James Stewart has been solved by scientists at Edinburgh Zoo, The finger is now held in the Royal College of Surgeons museum in London. The finger was taken from a Nepalese monastery by an American explorer in the 1950s. Stewart smuggled it out of India in his wife’s lingerie case. DNA tests found it to be human bone but not an Abominable Snowman called Yeti. “It was obviously slightly disappointing,” said researcher Rob Ogden of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

yetifingerResearch carried out on a BBC documentary yesterday, tracked down 85 years old Mr Byrne, to his home in the US, where he confirmed it was the one taken from the monastery.

He Said “The temple had a number of Sherpa custodians,” “I heard one of them speaking Nepalese, which I speak. He told me that they had in the temple the hand of a yeti which had been there for many years

Here is the BBC video

yeti finger

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