How to subscribe Internet Data in Ncell

Subscribe internet data in ncellNcell, is one of the most popular mobile network operators in Nepal. There are lots of people connected to these networks. This mobile network operators provide many services to its customers. But the most popular among the people is surfing Internet. If we surf the internet without taking any data subscription, it will cost too much. So, it is better to take the Data pack and enjoy surfing net. Here, I have shown how to take the Data subscription and its cost with validity period.

Ncell has wide range of services in cheap rate. Below are different data subscriptions of Ncell.

Ncell is providing Internet for 30 days at rates ranging from 45paisa/MB to as low as 7paisa/MB, including all taxes.

How to subscribe data packs in Ncell?
Just Dial *123# to buy All-time pack, Day-time pack or Night-time pack as per your need.


(Including taxes)

All-time pack

(can be used any time of the day)

Day-time pack
(5am – 5pm)
2 times more data

Night-time pack
(11pm – 5am)
4 time more data


Rs. 9






(12 paisa/MB)

30 days

Rs. 20







30 days

Rs. 100







30 days

Rs. 150







30 days

Rs. 250







30 days

Once the data pack is over, you can continue to using Internet at Re. 1/MB (including taxes) till the validity period.

How to check remaining data?

To check remaining data package: Dial *901# or type ‘status’ and SMS it to 17123.

We can divide the data packs in three categories: 

  • Unlimited Data Pack
  • Monthly Data Pack
  • 90 days Validity Data Pack

To subscribe the Data Packs. Just Dial *17123# and follow the instruction.

internet data pack in ncell

Unlimited Internet Pack:

Ncell has grabbed the attention of people of Nepal with its unlimited internet pack service at good price.  In this Pack users will get Unlimited Internet for a period of 30 days at a fixed cost from the date of activation. It is further sub divided into four data packs according to the customer choice.



1 GB data

Rs. 549

2 GB data

Rs. 849

5 GB data

Rs. 1999

10 GB data

Rs. 2999

Monthly Data Pack: 

Monthly Recurring data packs are available in six different types.  They are given below.



40 MB

Rs 99

100 MB

Rs 199

300 MB

Rs 299

500 MB

Rs 399

1 GB

Rs 549

2 GB

Rs 849

These packs are automatically activated on the first of every Nepali month. Once the data pack is renewed, if there is any remaining data in the old pack it will automatically collapse.

90 days Validity Data Pack: 

90 days Validity data packs are available in three different types. The validity starts from the date of activation. With these packs, you need to buy a new pack within the validity period to collect the remaining data. Otherwise, the remaining data will collapse after the expiry date.



5 GB

Rs 1999

7 GB

Rs 2499

10 GB

Rs 2999

Rates are exclusive of taxes. Prices are in NPR. 

Other Useful Information related to Ncell:

How to recharge your account?

You can use any of the below mentioned method to recharge your account.

  • Dial *102* PIN number of recharge card # and then press the call button
  • Dial 90012 and then enter the PIN number of your recharge card.
  • Type the PIN number of your recharge card and send SMS to 90012.

Call Center Number:  

  • 9005 from Ncell prepaid numbers
  • 9007 from Ncell Pro and Ncell Biz  numbers


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