Facebook emoticon for brand names

Facebook emoticon for brand namesWe often donโ€™t use emotions on facebook. The most popular emotions we use is smiley ๐Ÿ™‚ , but there are lots of them we can use on facebook which are very useful to attract your friends attention toward you. You have to just enter a code and it will automatically convert into a smiley. Here are some new 2012 facebook emoticon for few popular brands.

Emoticon of Facebook with code and meaning

[[dominos]] โ€“ Dominos Logo
[[starbucks]] โ€“ Star Bucks Coffee Logo
[[dunkindonuts]] โ€“ Dunkin Donuts Logo
[[monsterenergy]] โ€“ Monster Energy Drink Symbol
[[redbull]] โ€“ Red Bull Symbol
[[cocacola]] โ€“ Coke bottle
[[pepsi]] โ€“ Pepsi bottle
[[gatorade]] โ€“ Gatorade Symbol
[[rockstar]] โ€“ Rockstar Energy Drink Symbol
[[vitaminwater]] โ€“ Vitamin Water bottle
[[aquafina]] โ€“ Aquafina Water Logo
[[smartwater]] โ€“ Smartwater bottle
[[crest]] โ€“ Crest Toothpaste
[[familyfued]] โ€“ Family Feud Gameshow Icon
[[areyousmarterthanafifthgrader]] โ€“ Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Icon
[[dealornodeal]] โ€“ Deal Or No Deal Icon
[[wipeout]] โ€“ Wipeout Icon
[[ninjawarrior]] โ€“ Ninja Warrior Icon
[[uno]] โ€“ UNO Card Game Logo
[[pokerpage]] โ€“ Hand holding cards
[[life]] โ€“ Game Of Life Logo
[[monopoly]] โ€“ Monopoly Game Logo
[[thehungergames]] โ€“ The Hunger Games Three Books Logo
[[twilight]] โ€“ Twilight picture of Edward and Bella
[[49239575354]] โ€“ Chowder from TV Show Chowder
[[105412836215690]] โ€“ Mung
[[278204581010]] โ€“ Kimchi The Fart Cloud
[[hostess]] โ€“ Picture of Hostess cupcake and twinkie
[[specialk]] โ€“ Special K Logo
[[frostedflakes]] โ€“ Tony The Tiger Logo
[[mcdonalds]] โ€“ Mcdonalds Logo
[[burgerking]] โ€“ Burger King Logo
[[tacobell]] โ€“ Tacobell Logo
[[29438189931]] โ€“ Picture of Tacos
[[bajafresh]] โ€“ Baja Fresh Logo
[[subway]] โ€“ Subway Logo
[[jackinthebox]] โ€“ Jack In The Box Mascot
[[wendys]] โ€“ Wendys Logo
[[pizzahut]] โ€“ Pizza Hut Logo
[[carlsjr]] โ€“ Carls Jr. Logo
[[intel]] โ€“ Intel Icon
[[zFarmVille]] โ€“ Farmville Cows
[[iPodCommunity]] โ€“ Apple Logo
[[IpodTouchPage]] โ€“ Ipod Touch Image
[[nintendo]] โ€“ Nintendo Logo
[[Nintendo3DS]] โ€“ Nintendo 3DS
[[7195427885]] โ€“ Super Mario Galaxy Game Cover image
[[RockBand]] โ€“ Rock Band Logo
[[GuitarHero]] โ€“ Guitar Hero Logo
[[351767826755]] โ€“ Animal Crossing Wii Logo
[[137938859597302]] โ€“ Playstation 3
[[43637146070]] โ€“ PSP
[[53604212520]] โ€“ Homer Simpson
[[320426491306913]] โ€“ Marge Simpson
[[273143272711807]] โ€“ Bart Simpson
[[266253123404329]] โ€“ Lisa Simpson
[[171897879535510]] โ€“ Chief Wiggum
[[333269677221]] โ€“ Moe
[[115767121778065]] โ€“ Peter Griffin
[[192384820807511]] โ€“ Lois Griffin
[[108272965860879]] โ€“ Meg Griffin
[[32248376743]] โ€“ Stewie Griffin
[[246684017145]] โ€“ Brian Griffin
[[118532231514890]] โ€“ Darth Vader Image
[[80893990611]] โ€“ Yoda
[[katyperry]] โ€“ Picture of Katy Perry
[[ladygaga]] โ€“ Picture of Lady Gaga
[[pinkfloyd]] โ€“ Pink Floyd Image
[[131572223581891]] โ€“ Led Zeppelin Logo
[[116131608475678]] โ€“ Painted picture of Led Zeppelin
[[257834926155]] โ€“ Image of a Stairway To Heaven
[[thebeatles]] โ€“ Image of The Beatles
[[dairyqueen]] โ€“ Dairy Queen Logo
[[dennys]] โ€“ Dennyโ€™s Diner Logo
[[ihop]] โ€“ IHop Logo
[[redlobster]] โ€“ Red Lobster Logo
[[olivegarden]] โ€“ Olive Garden Logo
[[applebees]] โ€“ Apple Bees Logo
[[johnlennon]] โ€“ Picture of John Lennon
[[124476342370]] โ€“ Image of The Beatles Yellow Submarine
[[metallica]] โ€“ Metallica Image
[[247532825281584]] โ€“ Metallica Ride The Lightning album image
[[121142661290301]] โ€“ Picture of Gene Simmons
[[acdc]] โ€“ Picture of AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson
[[Undertaker.32]] โ€“ Image of The Undertaker
[[ruffles]] โ€“ Image of Ruffles Chips bag
[[cheetos]] โ€“ Picture of Cheetah mascot
[[PBSArthur]] โ€“ Arthur from the PBS Kids show Arthur
[[PeeweeHerman]] โ€“ Peewee Herman from Peeweeโ€™s Playhouse
[[119960411370345]] โ€“ Teletubbies
[[151959596479]] โ€“ Boohbah
[[charliesheen]] โ€“ Charlie Sheen
[[161751797197606]] โ€“ Chuck Norris
[[291720597536078]] โ€“ Nyan Cat (1)
[[118714951545229]] โ€“ Nyan Cat (2)
[[NyanCatLostInSpace]] โ€“ Nyan Cat (3)
[[140742379316524]] โ€“ Bilbo Baggins
[[PokemonWorld]] โ€“ Picture of Ash and Pikachu
[[124839657530642]] โ€“ Papa Smurf
[[llamafans]] โ€“ Llama Picture
[[35833778275]] โ€“ Money
[[236147243124900]] โ€“ Pokemon Ball

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