How to create HTML Email signature in Gmail

Easy way to create Email signature in Gmail with images and HTML

That is by straight enabling some features in google lab Canned Responses and Inserting images.

First you need to go to settings and lab, enable canned responses and Inserting images.

  • Just go to compose mail, there you can see Canned Responses just below Subject field and insert image icon on formating bar.
  • Next create your signature as you want. To include images go to the image icon in formating bar where you can upload the image from your computer or you can give the link, after finishing  your desired email signature save it using Canned Responses giving some meaningful name.
  • Now any time you compose new email you can just go to canned responses and insert the signature.
  • You can create multiple email signature as you need.

Here is a screen shot of gmail email signature with images and HTML that I have created.

HTML email signature is not automatically included when you send email, this is the tricks which can be done as email signature. Every time when you compose the email you need to insert the signature through Canned responses selecting the desired signature.

Here is a video showing how to create HTML email signature in gmail from


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