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Holi (Falgu Purnima) – Festival of Colors

Holi / Falgu Purnima: Holi also known as the festival of colors is celebrated in Nepal and India the most. Its the national festival of India, while , It is celebrated with nearly the same gusto in Nepal as well. Holi symbolizes welcoming of the spring with the different colors that is used during the festival which also is a symbolic meaning of showing the various colors that can be seen during the spring season itself. Except Nepal and India, Holi is widely celebrated in countries like : Pakistan, Sri lanka and Philippines. Holi also symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. Legend states that Holika , the sister of the demon king Hiranyakashyap had tried to kill the young son Prahlad , of her brother, as she had been blessed of not being harmed by fire, she had lured Prahlad into her lap and entered a huge bonfire, but as Prahlad was a devotee of Narayan , he chanted his gods name and came out of the fire unscathed while Holika burned. The name Holi comes from her name , “Holika”.

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In kathmandu, a week before the main Holi celebration , a bamboo pole (“Chir”) is erected in Basantapur Durbar Square which is covered with colorful clothes, and the local people come and spray more colors on the chir itself. On the eve of Holi , this Chir is taken down and burnt to symbolize the death of the evil Holika and show the triumph of Good over Evil. Theres another Legend about the Holi which states that Lord krishna who had bluish skin was afraid to approach Radha , so he put color on her face when he met her, His bluish complexion wasn’t a problem for Radha and she accepted him happily. This is also a reason why people consider Holi to be a festival of Love as well. 

In Nepal, This holi festivals are celebrated on month of flagun according to Nepali Calendar. The Holi environment takes over a week early as kids shoot water pistols at the people with enthusiasm and glee , the use of colors is also acceptable as people indulge in the festive environment of Holi as they welcome the Spring , the enthusiasm in the faces of the children , makes you happy as well, after Its the festival of colors where people come together to have fun , and celebrate.
In the city , there are various parties that happen , and there are a lot of attendees of these parties as well, various celebrities attend these parties while trying to promote their upcoming movies or songs and other produces of theirs.

Some images of Holi festivals

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People generally wear white , to give the vibe of wearing a blank canvas to fill it with colors and happy memories. Holi is better enjoyed with all your family and friends , rather than heading out to the streets and being smeared with various chemical mixed colors that can harm your skin ,but people tend to go out with friends during this festival and get smeared with colors by strangers, and there are times when these events escalate into fights and other crimes, So, As you enjoy the festival of colors , “Holi”, be mindful of who you are celebrating it with. And as a final note, Enjoy the festival of colors to the fullest, create memories, and Be happy. Wishing you all a colorful and Joyous “Holi”.

Happy Holi !!!!!

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