High Blood Pressure


This time I have an article about health, different form tech and my usual interest. Hope it will be helpful for you to know something about High Blood Pressure.

High blood pressure is also called high BP or hypertension. First of all I want to ask what blood pressure is. It means the flow of blood in the circulatory system. According to the American heart association 120/80 is considered as normal blood pressure and more than 140/90 is called high blood pressure. Below than 100/60 which is considered as low blood pressure. There are two different number reading method of blood pressure. One is systolic and another one is diastolic. Systolic is the higher top number and contraction of the heart and diastolic is below the number and relaxation of the heart. Blood pressure is measured by sphygmomanometer. If you have blood pressure in between 120/80 it means you are fine. Diastolic pressure 100 to 139 it considered as a normal but diastolic pressure more than 120 to 139 it considered as a pre high blood pressure. Which is also called prehypertension? If you have a diastolic blood pressure in between 81 to 89 still you are fine but its pre hypotension.

High blood pressure measurement chart
High blood pressure chart.

Hypotension occurs when the pressure of blood is below than normal. Diastolic blood pressure more than 90 is considered as a high blood pressure.  Low blood pressure can occur if you are pregnant; if you have heart disease, endocrine problems, certain allergic reaction, and certain medication etc. Its symptoms are dizziness, blurred vision, fatigue and depression etc. High blood pressure can occur if you have heart disease, kidney disease, cholesterol, unhealthy living style, genetic problems, stress etc. The main important question is how to control high blood pressure. There are many ways of control of high blood pressure, they are –  loose extra pound, do exercise regularly, eat healthy meals, reduce sodium in your diets, cut off canine and reduce stress. There are two stages of high blood pressure. 1st stage – 140 to 159, 2nd stage- 160 or higher and higher than 180 is considered as hypertensive Crisis. If you have high blood pressure please doesn’t hesitate to concern with your physician. Follow those things. I promise you Believe me my friend your health never will be same. Let’s be aware and let’s make people aware.



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