Places to visit in Nepal in 2020

As Visit Nepal 2020 has started from the inauguration of the year by the president of our country on January 1 st of the year 2020 in the venue of Darsath Rangasala in Tripureshwor, we can be a bit sure that this year there will be a rise in the number of tourists visiting the country as well. Nepal in itself is a beautiful country with beautiful Himalayas to the North and the great plains to the South. The country has some of the most diverse ethnic groups that live in harmony. There has never been any civil war in the pretext of ethnicity and the people are well known for their hospitality towards their guests.  Nepal with its diverse ethnicity never bores the tourists at all, as every new place you go in the country there will always be a different type of ethnicity that will be wowing you and make you want to stay for even a longer period of time. This is not a Nepali boasting about their heritage, it’s just a proud citizen who takes pride in having a harmonious country which has not till this day has had any war on the basis of having different ethnicity, which a few countries of the world have had plenty of.

While this country has its own harmony among the people, the country holds the highest peak in the world the “Mount Everest” which stands at the height of 8848 meters from sea level. The country has some of the most beautiful rivers and lakes as well, and the scenery around these few places is a view to behold. Though if one were to say what all the places are to visit in a single article would be very hard to list out and most of all, it would be too many information for the reader to grasp as well, so we as the writers would like to divide these lists in various parts for the ease of the readers as well as the ease of the writer themselves.

So, without any further ado, let's begin the list of places to visit Nepal 2020.

Everest Base Camp:

A trip to the highest peak of the world is a great story to be told on later days. Everest Base camp lies on the lap of the highest peak of the world. The place gives you the front seat to the view of the beautiful mountain range of the Everest. For an adventurous soul, this place would surely be in their must go to places. The tour to the base camp begins with a flight to Lukla, the way to Lukla also provides a great adventure, and after the flight, you have to trek towards the base camp. The trek is through a magical pathway of rhododendron forest and snowy land that end up becoming a magical journey in itself. The journey gives you a glimpse of the beauty that Nepal has and also shows you the beautiful culture of the Sherpas.

Upper Mustang:

Mustang is one of the least populated places in Nepal. The place is mainly known for its snowy weather, cold environment and the breathtaking view of the mountains. The trip to mustang is through Jomsom, which in its place is a very beautiful place. The trip to mustang is through the beautiful roads which are normally covered by snow, and even on monsoon this place gives you the joy of having gone through the trekking routes and experienced the cultural diversity of the lace. Mustang is heavily influenced by Nepalese culture as well as Tibetan culture, which shows how beautiful and diverse the country is in its place.


Pokhara is one of the most visited tourist’s places in Nepal, as the city is right by the mountain range and every day you get to see the breathtaking view of the mountain range. The place in itself is very cold as well, or rather has a very cool temperature during the summer and is rather very cold during the winter. Nonetheless, the place is a very beautiful place which has various adventure activities such as paragliding, and hot air balloon. The city is nearly 200 Km away from Kathmandu, but the trip also shows many sceneries while on the way you can even visit Manakamana temple which is believed that the goddess is able to fulfil any of your wishes if you ask for them. Other than the adventure sports, Pokhara has the Phewa Lake, Begnas Taal and Davi’s Fall in other attractions as well, One thing that we can guarantee you is the city of Pokhara will not disappoint you.


The birthplace of Lord Buddha, which hosts its serene environment for the people who believe in the spirituality of the Lord Buddha and follow Buddhism as well. The place is a great pilgrimage and many people from around the world come to visit the place and pay homage to the Lord Buddha. Except being the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the place does have many monasteries which in its full glory would give you the peace of mind. The world peace pagoda (locally called “Shanti stupa” is also one of the major attraction of this place. The peaceful environment also contains the eternal peace flame which is said to never extinguish. Hence the place is a major destination to be visited.

Annapurna Base Camp:

Annapurna Base Camp is one of the most visited or one of the places that many tend to trek to. The place is at the height of 4130 metres from sea level. The trek includes a walk through the beautiful mountain ranges coupled with the cheerful greetings of the local people living in the area. As you trek through the mountain range you can see a wide variety of wild flora and fauna. The beauty is breathtaking and you will be enjoying every moment of the trek. The interesting part of the trek is that it starts and ends in Pokhara – the city famous all over Nepal for its beauty of lakes and caves. The best time for this tour would be March, April, May for the view of blooming rhododendron other than that, mid-September to November is also a good time to visit with a clear cold sky.



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