Foods to try in Boudha

Boudha Stupa is one the cultural heritage sites of Nepal. The stupa was dubbed as a cultural heritage  by UNESCO in the year 1979. The stupa is one of the largest and unique structure stupas in the world. Along with Swoyambu Boudha stupa is one of the most popular stupas tourist visit in while they are in kathmandu, before heading out to different parts of the country to see Nepal’s beauty. 

Boudhanath - World heritage site inside Kathmand, Nepal
Boudhanath – World heritage site inside Kathmand, Nepal

As we all know, when you roam around various places you would like to taste the cuisine that the place has to offer. And Boudha itself has a wide array of dishes that you can try out yourself. Normally, the cuisine can vary from Tibetan cuisine, or a fusion between traditional Tibetan cuisine with the mix of Nepal’s own spices and methods of cooking. Heres a few dishes you must try when you visit this beautiful place, all the while enjoying the beautiful view of the Boudhanath Stupa. The few foods that you must not miss when visiting Boudhanath stupa are: 

  • Laphing
  • Thulo Momo
  • Noodles
  • Tingmo
  • Shaybalay
  • Dumplings
  • Butter Tea


In the current time,  you can find laphing stores all around kathmandu area. But the real authentic taste of how a laphing should be can only be found in the Boudha area. Boudha area has always served some of the best laphings that can be found in the kathmandu valley. Except Boudha , the other place that serves some of the best Laphings is the area near Swoyambunath. Also one of the other cultural heritage sites of Nepal. A laphing is normally made with potato starch that is mixed with water and then cooked like a crepe. Then the filling that is put into the laphing is either tofu or a variation of tofu like soyabean . Laphing comes in two variations, one is laphing with liquid, which is called “Jhol Laphing” and the other one is Dry Laphing which is called “Sukkhaa Laphing“. These two variations also come with different chilly level. Normally they serve it with a lot of chilly, but you can ask the server to tone down the chilies spiciness. Laphing one of the dishes you must try when you visit boudha. And the plus point is Laphing isnt a very expensive food item. The price is normally around 40-70 Rupees. So, Its a very affordable local delicacy that one can enjoy leisurely. 

Thulo Momo:

Thulo Momo is basically, what you call dumplings whose size were nearly tripled or quadrupled. Though the size is one thing that has increased the filling. Though the filling does change as , the dish is heavily inspired by Tibetan flavors, and the flavors can differ as well. The filling of the thulo momo is normally minced pork and minced chicken meat rather than your typical Buff meat. The thulo momo takes more time to be cooked and the mix of herbs is rather different than your normal dumplings as well. The herbs that are mixed in the Thulo momo are heavily tibetan mix influenced, though the newer adaptations to the dish has added a wide array of taste to it. This is one dish you should try when in Boudha. 


Noodles are a staple of the cuisine which are derived from the tibetan regions. But theres one typical place you should visit to have the authentic taste of these noodles. That place is called Khawa Khorpo tasting Noodle factory. This place serves one of the best noodles in Boudha and the Noodles are made in house from scratch. The noodles comes in the list solely because of the place Khawa Khorpo tasting Noodle factory, This place serves up the best thukpas and noodles in Boudha. And is a must visit place if you are  trying to find some of the most authentic places in boudha that serves some of the best foods in the area. 


Tingmo is one of the most authentic dishes that can be found in Boudha itself. Tingmo is a steamed bread that is usually eaten with tea, Curry or sauce. At times Tingmo is also filled with minced meat or veggies and are called the Tibetan dumplings. Tingmo is widely eaten by the locals in the area, and the locals can even guide you to places where they serve up some of the best Tingmos as well. Tingmos are usually eaten in the morning and it fills you up till lunch . Tingmo’s have a very peculiar shape but are very delicious to eat. 


 Shaybalay is one of those dishes that have been around for years and years. The dish is normally shaped like a calzone. And is filled with a healthy amount of minced meat. But recently, they have started to fill it with veggies as well. The shaybalay’s outer crust is a thin wrap that is knotted in the shaped of a half moon. The filling is generous and it is made to fill you up. Though the meat can at times be overwhelmingly heavy to eat due to the fat content in the meat itself. The dish is normally served with various condiments and sauces to cut into its fattiness. It is even served with chilly and vinegar mix so that the heaviness of the dish is cut a little bit. 

Dumplings/ Momos:

Dumplings or as well call it Momo is one of our staple dishes. And boudha is known for serving one of the best Momos in town , especially a place called Mechung cafe. This place is known for serving one of the best Momos in town and the place is normally packed with people. Dumplings are made with fillings of Buff meat , Pork meat, Veggies or chicken minced meat. The meat is mixed with various different herbs to make the gaminess of the meat disappear and give it some aroma and taste. Dumplings have been around for ages in Nepal. And the people residing in Boudha have been making some of the best Momos in town as well. The Dumplings are served with sauces , or a mixture of vinegar and chilly. 

Butter Tea:

Butter tea is a beverage that is very authentic to the people living in the Himalayas. Normally Butter tea is made by mixing special tea leaves, Milk, Salt , and Yak butter, in a large cylindrical wooden vessel. After mixing all the ingredients , the mixture is churned until a certain consistency is met and then it is served after boiling it. Nowadays, there are various other tea leaves that is mixed in the mixture , but some of the places that serve this tea are very good. Butter tea was normally brewed to give the people living in the Himalayas energy and to keep them hydrated for the whole day

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