Why Follow Web Standards?

While discussing about Web Standards, most web developer’s cliche is “Who Cares Standards?”, “Too Difficult to understand, let’s forget” and “It worked anyway”.

Always be listed on side to follow web standards. It’s easy to build a website with good looking graphics and best functionality but why they just don’t add up a little effort to make a site follow standards. We must remember that, we are targeting visitors of site, and pages should be accessible irrespective of OS, Browser used by visitor. Using web standards offer much benefit to us.

  • Separation of HTML semantics (structure) from design confirms better accessibility.
  • Pages sizes are less and results in quick downloads. Browsers render pages faster when pages confirm standards.
  • Following standard ensures that documents will be compatible in future browsers. There is no risk of browser not understanding your documents. Interpretation and rendering is easy for browser.
  • Different CSS files can be created and adopted accordingly. Adaptation of document to print media, mobile devices is easy just by creating alternative style sheets and linking to particular CSS file.

The bottom line is: use web standards. It’s the future of web. If you are new and haven’t yet followed then start from this point upwards. And, after all this; its you to choose and follow and how you perceives.


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