The Life cycle of a Domain name

The Life cycle of a Domain name. This post is only useful for the people who are either webmasters or own any domain names/ website (e.g. If you are one of the above, you can easily understand what does the “Domain Expiration” means. Domain names are bought for a time period like 1 year, 2 years or 5 year (never for lifelong). In this time period, for which you bought the domain name, the domain name remains active (whether you host it or not).

If you forgot to renew domain name with in time and it crosses the expiration date, then it enters in a grace period, during which the current registrant (you) can still renew. This grace period varies by registrar, but usually lasts from 30 to 45 days. It can be more or less depending on circumstances. The record usually reflects the status ON-HOLD during the grace period. If the current registrant hasn’t renewed the name when that period is over, the domain enters another 30 days period called REDEMPTION PERIOD.

domain life cycle

Again, if the current registrant does not have the domain name restored and renewed by the end of this period, the registry places the registration in DELETING status, and approximately five days later the domain name will become AVAILABLE for public.

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