Excited to update wordpress 3.0

Finally wordpress release the last version of wordpress 3.0. I’m exited to update with latest release of wordpress 3.0. Well guys there are tremendous fixes and improvement in the new release of wordpress 3.0. Some major feature are, the mearge of wordpress and MU. Now its possible to run one or million of website with single installation  of wordpress 3.0. New twenty ten theme is awesome, which is now default thame for wordpress 3.0, and it support all the feature on wordpress 3.0. With twenty ten wordpress default theme you have great control over it, header theme, background with color or image which can be tiled or expand throughout the site. As well the menu feature are awesome in wordpress 3.0. Well I think it’s better to show video from wordpress and not writing long here.

more on http://wordpress.org/development/2010/06/thelonious/

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