Electric Cars four wheelers in Nepal

In a previous article we listed some of the electric two wheelers that one can currently see and ride on the streets of Nepal.  In this article we are trying to give you a list of a few electric cars in Nepal – four wheelers that you can currently buy in the Nepalese market. But before we get into the list of the Electric four-wheelers, let us talk about why getting an Electric vehicle is very beneficial. Electric vehicles cost less in the long run than your traditional fossil fuel vehicles. Why is that ?, It is mainly due to the fact that the price of fossil fuels keep getting hiked time and again. And most of all a fuel needy vehicle does not have a lot of lifespan as the gears can wear out, corrode and other problems that may cause the vehicle to halt all its services, also as the price of the fossil fuel varies over time and time again, the price will always be different, but it will always be more than that to the Electric vehicle.

Electric car in Nepal

An electric vehicle can cost upto Rupees 50 to a max of Rupees 100 and go for nearly 300 Km of distance. The difference between the price is really something to look into. As years have passed and the Earth that we have been living in has become a huge prey to global warming electric vehicles are a safe haven as well, the reason is due it not producing any form of harmful gases or actually, it does not even produce any form of gas at all.  The vehicle does not produce loud obnoxious sound either, making it even more desirable as many people cannot tolerate loud noise, especially, elderly people and children, this makes the environment even better. The Government of every nation have been urging their citizens to use Electric vehicles instead of fossil fuel powered vehicles, but as change does take time, it is gradually happening. And this is not any different in our small nation called Nepal either. The government has been urging the general public to use electric vehicles instead of fossil fuel powered vehicles. The taxation on the Electric vehicles is staggeringly different than that compared to the fossil fuel vehicles.

Electric 4 wheelers Nepal

Slowly but steadily even the citizens of Nepal have been starting to look towards electric vehicles as a form of alternative towards other fossil fuel powered vehicles. The prime example of electric vehicle pioneer can be seen through the innovations of Tesla, the company who has been taking more and more  to make various electric vehicles , that in the foreseeable future will be replacing many fossil fuel vehicles. You can even look at the “Project Zero”  an electric motorbike being made by a few youths that have the zeal to make change in our small country. This is why as years have progressed , people have started to accept the fact that even electric vehicles can be a resource if manufactured, used and looked into properly. Without further ado , lets talk about the Electric Four wheeles that are present in Nepal currently:

Hyundai Kona:

Laxmi Intercontinental, the authorised distributor of Hyundai four-wheelers in Nepal has been providing the citizens of Nepal with the Hyundai Kona, an electric four-wheeler, that was launched in 2018 in Nepal. It has been in huge demand, as it is one of the premium electric four-wheelers in the market. The specifications of the vehicle are: It comes in two battery options “64 KWH variant and 39.2 KWH variant“. The 64 KWH can cover nearly 482 KM on a full charge while the 39.2 KWH can cover 312 KM in a full charge. The owner of the company has installed various charging docks in various hotels, malls and other places in the city to help its customers to use the Hyundai Kona without much problems. Soon a SUV- KONA will be seen in the streets of Kathmandu as well, as they had shown this SUV in the 2019 NADA autoshow.


  • Battery Capacity: 64 KWH and 39.2 kWh
  • The total distance that can be traveled in a single charge: 482 KM on 64 KWH variant and 312 KM in 39.2 KWH variant
  • Total time to fully charge: Approx 6 Hours or more
  • The cost of the Hyundai Kona is Rupees : 55, 966, 716.

As the electric SUV will be seen soon on the streets of Kathmandu, seeing the performance between the vehicles and their prices, if the SUV is much better then there are chances the sell of the Hyundai Kona will be less while increasing the sell of the SUV more.

Kia e- Niro:

Kia’s authorised distributor, Continental Associates delivered 50 units of the e-Niro within a week of its arrival. “We brought Korean manufactured Kia Niro after five months of its high demand in the market,” said Anish Lamichhane, assistant general manager at Continental Associates. The company has been installing direct current (DC) charging stations in Bardiwas and also has upgraded the charging station at kurintar with a DC charger. The assistant general manager claimed that Kia Motors is the only electric motors that have a Direct current charging an electric vehicle. He also said DC charging stations are better as nobody wants to wait for 6 to hours for the vehicle to completely charge, while a DC charger can the vehicle within an hour and forty-five minutes, which is significantly less than an AC charging station which takes nearly eight hours to charge the vehicle.

Mahindra E-verito:

Agni Energy the authorized distributor of the Mahindra Electric vehicles in Nepal has had nearly a decade of experience in selling the Electric vehicles in the country. Mahindra E- verito being one of the most popular among the electric vehicles. They believe they have sold more than 2400 units of electric vehicles till date. E- verito has been a great hit in the Nepalese market as well.

The price of the vehicle being Rupees: 28, 80, 000


MG Motors is one of the emerging companies that has been entering the electric vehicle era. The company has an electric vehicle model ZS. Paramount distributor, the authorised dealer for the company has been selling the electric vehicle for quite some time, and slowly its been getting the attention it deserves. The company even provides a 7 KW AC charger as complementary to its customers.

The price of the electric vehicle being Rupees: 49, 99, 00


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